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buying: The Hunting for Man continues to find the New York

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  La chasse à l'homme se poursuit pour retrouver le tireur du métro de New York metro shooter © Getty Images North America / AFP

L A New York Police continued on Wednesday the trailer of a shooter that sowed chaos the day before In the metro and injured at least 23 people, including 10 per bales, while millions of employees resumed transportation to work.

The Mayor of New York, Eric Adams, called New Yorkers to be "vigilant", while excluding at this point that the shooter, always on the run 24 hours after the facts, has an accomplice.

"It seems to have acted alone," said MSNBC the Democratic Mayor, come into function on January 1 by promising to put the megacity on good rails after the Pandemic of Covid-19, particularly in the fight against the fight against the Crime.

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The vise has also tightened around a man, simply presented on Tuesday by the police (NYNDD) as a "person of interest" for the investigation, but now qualified as "suspect" by the Mayor of New YORK.

Tuesday, the NYPD had broadcast photos of this individual, Frank James, indicating that he had rented the van found in Brooklyn and whose key was discovered on the scene of the crime.

and Wednesday morning, the New Yorkers received messages on their phone giving the description of this "black man of 62 years", asking to alert the police to give any useful element to the investigation.

not the choice

video: New York: the shooter in the metro, which made 23 wounded, actively sought (bfmtv)

man published various videos on YouTube, Where he delivers long political tirades, sometimes virulent, and critical Eric Adams, which pushed the police to enhance the security around the mayor.

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While the shouting of the shooter, described as "dangerous" the day before, continued, millions of New Yorkers resumed transport to go to work, some people on social networks to show that life resumed its normal course.

"I do not really have a choice, I have to take the metro. I hope it will be safer today. It looked a little more empty," said a passenger, Laura Swalm, 49 years old , who lives in the neighboring state of New Jersey.

"I always pay attention to what surrounds me since September 11 (2001). But there were more incidents on the docks recently, so I am more careful," she explains to the AFP .

The New York Twitter account, one of the largest networks in the world, announted early Wednesday morning the return of a "complete service" on all lines, including the "36th street" station of the South of Brooklyn, where the shooter has seven and where several lines pass.

33 balls drawn

Tuesday morning, around 08:30 (12:30 GMT), at a time when the metro trains are crowded, the individual, who wore a gas mask, lit two machines that smoked the wagon, then Pulled on the passengers while the train entered the station.

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"We were really lucky that it was not much more serious," said New York Police Check (NYPD), Keechant Sewell, summarizing the authorities' relief after this attack where the suspect - - Always fleeing - shot 33 balls.

"All you see is black smoke, and I turned to the right, and I saw this guy with a mask," said CNN one of the victims, Hourari Benkada, from his hospital bed.

"The shooting lasted about a minute, I would say about ten shots (...). I have never heard as many shots out of a handgun ... (...) He probably had Prolonged chargers or another firearm, "added this man, affected by bullet at the knee. On site, the investigators found a handy weapon and three chargers.

Tuesday's attack then took place that New York has been confronted with an increase in crime from the Pandemic of Covid-19, the number of homicides from 319 in 2019 to 488 in 2021, even if the annual balance sheet remains well below the more than 2,000 per year recorded in the early 1990s.

13/04/2022 16:45:37 - New York (AFP) - © 2022 AFP

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