Classics: A woman has twins of different fathers after having relations with the two the same day

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  Une femme a des jumeaux de pères différents après avoir eu des rapports avec les deux le même jour supplied by Bang Showbiz

A woman gave birth to twins of two different fathers after having reports with the two men same day.

This 19 -year -old mother is only the 20th known case of what is called "heteropaternelle superfectation".

The man she thought was the biological father of her two boys did a DNA test and the result turned out to be positive for one of the children.

The Brazilian, whose name was not revealed, said: "I remembered that I had had relations with another man and I called him to do the test, who was positive . I was surprised by the results. I didn't know it could happen and babies are very similar.

The woman's doctor, Tulio Jorge Franco, "said:" Two eggs from the same mother are fertilized by different men. It happens once over a million. I would never have imagined seeing such a case in my life. »

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