Classics: China appreciates the permanence and stability of the British crown

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Le numéro un chinois souhaite travailler au plus vite avec Charles III, selon des déclarations rapportées par l’agence Xinhua © AP - Aaron Chown The Chinese number wishes to work as quickly as possible with Charles III, according to declarations reported by the Xinhua

day of tribute agency on Monday in Edinburgh. The British will be able to see the queen's coffin in front of the coffin, after a procession led by Charles III. The new king to whom Xi Jinping addressed his congratulations on Sunday, September 11, for his accession to the throne, the Chinese president saying that he wants to increase exchanges between China and the United Kingdom.

With our correspondent in Beijing, Stéphane Lagarde

La China Communist which congratulates the monarch of a pillar country of the Atlantic Alliance. The thing could surprise and yet it is the new king that Xi Jinping addressed on Friday in his message of condolences. The Chinese number one wishes to work as quickly as possible with Charles III, according to declarations reported by the Xinhua agency. A message renewed in this congratulating press release. The Chinese President provides the one who has just accessed the throne of his desire "to increase friendly exchanges and mutually beneficial cooperation and to strengthen communication on international issues", specifies the official agency China Nouvelle .

Passenger drone V-MO: VW presents chic flight taxi prototype in front of

 Passenger drone V-MO: VW presents chic flight taxi prototype in front of VW has presented an electrically powered flight taxi that starts and ends up vertically. V-MO is the first prototype of a planned passenger drone, which in future will transport four people over a distance of up to 200 kilometers. © Volkswagen AG V-MO-drone: Flugtaxi from VW. in February 2021 it became known that VW in China in China the development of flight taxis test .

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Permanence and stability of the Crown

of "international questions" marked by distrust. Hong Kong, Taiwan, Ukraine, Chinese seas, the "fervent sinophilia" of the government Boris Johnson has been put to the test in recent months even if, from Brexit, China has replaced Germany as the first trading partner.

On the Chinese side, Beijing appreciates the permanence and stability of the British crown. Xi Jinping, who changed the Constitution to be able to run for a third term at the XXth CCC congress next October, is part of this message - for those who still doubted it - in long time; While the two countries celebrate the 50th anniversary of their diplomatic relations this year.

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In the Ritan district of Beijing this Monday morning September 12, the British performance flag is at half mast. Since the death of the Queen, the police presence has been reinforced in front of the portal of the diplomatic residence. On the sidewalks emptied by the family festival of mid-autumn in China, a grandpa, holding his grandson by the hand, confided, taking up the words of propaganda: "It is the end of an era for the kingdom -Uni, but for China a new era begins ”.

In recent days, the disappearance of Elizabeth II has aroused an avalanche of comments in China. Among these, this reflection of a surfer on the Weibo network: "The new king is the same age as the new China (the People's Republic founded by Mao in 1949, editor's note)".

Winfried Kretschmann threatens with no to relief package .
Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann threatened to share the new relief package of the traffic light government with a no in the Federal Council. © Bernd Weißbrod/dpa threatens with his no to the relief package: Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann. The state of Baden-Württemberg alone would cost around four billion euros. "This is not stampable," said the Greens politician in Stuttgart. In contrast to the federal government, the countries are subject to a rigorous debt brake.

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