Classics: “Do you think I have to try it?” : Simon Castaldi (fifty) about to change his job, he asks for advice

Simon Geschke at the Tour de France: Winner without reward

 Simon Geschke at the Tour de France: Winner without reward Simon Geschke can no longer win the jersey for the best mountaineer, but he is still a winner of this Tour de France. A comment. © Photo: Imago/Belga without a happy ending. Simon Geschke only wears the mountain jersey. Simon Geschke had no choice. When the 19th stage of the Tour de France ended on Friday, the Berlin cycling professional again finished this white jersey with the red dots.

“Vous pensez que je dois le tenter ?” : Simon Castaldi (Les Cinquante) sur le point de changer de métier, il demande conseil © Instagram screen capture @simoncastaldi “Do you think I have to try it?” : Simon Castaldi (fifty) about to change his job, he asked for advice currently in competition in the fifty on W9, Simon Castaldi wonders about his future. To help him in his reflections, the candidate of the reality TV game requested the opinion of his subscribers on Instagram.

Since Monday, September 5, Simon Castaldi and forty-nine other stars of reality TV stand every day in the arena of the fifty . If it will be necessary to wait for the broadcast of the final to find out if it comes out victorious from the new W9 program, The son of Benjamin Castaldi already has some ideas on what he wants to do afterwards. True to his habits, The young man went to seek advice from his Instagram subscribers. “I want to do radio. I want to write a program model and create my own radio (...). I will make a concept, the Castalshow ”, he explained with enthusiasm on the social network this Monday, September 12. And to take part in his community: “I don't know what you think. If you think I have to try it? ”

A tank truck explodes in Libya, killing 6 people and 50 injured

 A tank truck explodes in Libya, killing 6 people and 50 injured the explosion of a tanker truck occurred this Monday, August 1, 2022 in Bent Bayyah, in the southwest of Libya, made at least 6 dead. More than 50 people were also injured. at least six people were killed and fifty injured in the accidental explosion of a tanker truck occurred on Monday, August 1, 2022 in the south of the Libya .

A first successful

experience while waiting to discover, perhaps one day, the program imagined by Simon Castaldi, his fans have already been able to follow his first steps on the radio ... as Invited on the Fun Radio antenna. Her girlfriend Adixia did not lose a crumb and she is even won over by her man's talents: "Frankly his voice has passed well, it was the first time he had made radio […]. I am too happy ”, she said not proud of her lover. With these compliments, The young man decided to submit a spontaneous application on the famous social network. “Seriously, if there is a radio, put me on a test. Any radio, I try it. " The call is launched.

The happiness of a couple

if, professional side, Simon Castaldi is therefore in the vagueness and does not know if he can make his desires for radio, sentimental side , everything seems to be going well in the best of worlds . Indeed, in the famous sequence, its dear and tender is indeed praised its words ... On the contrary. A nice statement that had to please fans of the famous couple . Close to their subscribers, the two lovebirds also shared with them a few moments from their romantic getaway in Brussels this Tuesday, September 13. And to see the huge waffles they tasted, this trip was placed under the sign of love ... and delicacies.

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Simon Castaldi: After having deceived Adixia, he misses respect again .
supplied by Starmag Simon-Castaldi-Adixia Si Simon Castaldi and Adixia Romanoiello are again together, their couple has crossed a strong turbulence area. It could have shattered the strong love between the two candidates. After having to have many criticisms due to their age difference, Simon Castaldi and Adixia Romanollo almost said goodbye for good. The reason ? The young man deceived the pretty blonde with Virginie Conte on the set of season 2 of the rest of the world.

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