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Waldeck-Frankenberg. The managing director of an energy supplier from Northern Hesse has observed the choice of sham on Ukraine. The supervisory boards were not very enthusiastic about it. Now followed.

 Ein Mann gibt in der Region Luhansk in einer provisorischen Unterkunft seine Stimme ab. © Uncredited A man in the Luhansk region releases his vote in a provisional accommodation.

because he accompanied the sham-speaking areas of Ukraine as election observers in Russian, the managing director of the North Hessian supplier Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg (EMF) was released. Stefan Schaller was released from his tasks with immediate effect, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district said on Monday. The company's supervisory boards and the Association Energy Werk Society for Renewable Energies and the EMF Association board made the decision unanimously in a special meeting.

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 several times. This time, superiors are apparently also involved. © Photo: Silas Stein/dpa The coat of arms of the Hessen police can be seen on a uniform during a youth campaign by the police headquarters in Middle Hesse. again is the focus of the public prosecutor's focus. On Friday, search resolutions were carried out by five officers, as State Criminal Police Office and Frankfurt public prosecutor said in the evening.

"The behavior of the managing director clearly violates the worldview, the moral values ​​and the philosophy of the company, the violations of international law and all forms of violence," emphasized the chairman of the Supervisory Board of the district councilor Jürgen van der Horst.

The district stated that the supervisory boards and board members had therefore expressed themselves very clearly for the immediate exemption of the managing director - and at the same time clearly distanced themselves from Russia in Ukraine. The committees would now advise promptly about the dismissal. This is a formal path that must be observed.

Schaller's commitment as an election observer in the sham -speaking people had triggered violent criticism. The coordination internationally criticized internationally as a break in international law in occupied areas in the east and south of Ukraine through access to Russia had started on Friday. It is a sham -speaking one because they run under war law and not according to democratic principles without the consent of Ukraine.

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according to media reports, Schaller was invited by Russia to monitor the votes. Compared to the "HNA" ("Hessian/Lower Saxony Allgemeine"), Schaller confirmed his commitment as an election observer. His stay has nothing to do with his function as managing director of the Waldeck-Frankenberger energy supplier. "This is purely private, I took a vacation for it," said Schaller.

On Monday, he said it was "stupid" to be invited as an election observer. "I was just so naive and believed that I could separate technical election observation from the political dimension," Schaller told HR-Info. Schaller claims to have "completely hidden" the Russian attack war.

In the meantime he sees that the Russians had used him, said Schaller HR-Info. However, the German media would also “exploit” its journey. According to the Hessischer Rundfunk, Schaller had given Russian media interviews in which he had praised the organization of the "election" and said that people would voluntarily vote. Now he explained: "Of course, the Russians did not show me the entire picture."

As early as Saturday, the Council of Elders and the district committee of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district spoke out for an exemption Schaller. The outgoing Ukrainian ambassador in Germany, Andrij Melnyk, had called for the managing director to be released on Twitter.

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