Classics: CDU boss Merz apologized for "social tourism" expression

Barca boss: Lewandowski "A machine gun"

 Barca boss: Lewandowski Barca boss Joan Laporta raves about newcomer Robert Lewandowski. The pole is "a machine gun". Among other things, he owes that to his wife. © provided by Barca boss: Lewandowski "A machine gun" Barca boss Joan Laporta has referred to new access Robert Lewandowski as "a machine gun". (Data: The table of La Liga) “Barca needs a striker who shoots goals that is ingenious, like every big team. Robert is a machine gun.

CDU boss Friedrich Merz has apologized to Ukrainian refugees for his allegation of "social tourism". "I regret the use of the word 'social tourism', wrote Merz on Tuesday in the short message service Twitter." That was an incorrect description of an observing problem in individual cases. "

CDU-Chef Friedrich Merz hat sich für seinen Vorwurf des © John Macdougall CDU boss Friedrich Merz has accused of" Social tourism "apologized to Ukrainian refugees.

Merz had accused the federal government on Monday to trigger" social tensions "in Germany with its refugee and immigration policy. Ukraine traveled back and forth.

Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) accused Merz "mood" against Ukrainian refugees. Justice Minister Marco Buschmann (FDP) and representatives of the Greens and Left criticized the statement.

"Mein Note was only the lack of registration of the refugee Inge, "emphasized Merz. "I was and far away to criticize the refugees from Ukraine, who are faced with a hard fate." The Union faction leader added: "If my choice of words is perceived as hurtful, then I apologize for this."


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