Classics: Talks with ambassadors are "natural": AfD boss wants to continue to maintain connections to Russia

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Tino Chrupalla, despite the Ukraine War, with Moscow. He only spoke to Russia's ambassador Sergei Netschajew in Berlin in early September.

Tino Chrupalla (AfD) am 28. September im Bundestag. © Photo: Reuters/Michele Tantussi Tino Chrupalla (AfD) on September 28th in the Bundestag.

AfD boss Tino Chrupalla maintains contacts with Russia regardless of the war in Ukraine. He thinks it is "right and a matter of course, talking to all ambassadors, including the Russian ambassador," Chrupalla told the "Spiegel".

at the beginning of September he spoke to Russia's ambassador Sergei Netschajew in Berlin, after an entry in the condolence book for the former Soviet head of state Michail Gorbachev.

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As early as February, after the raid Russia on Ukraine , Chrupalla, according to the report, went to Netschajew in the message. The AfD chairman has been maintaining contacts to Moscow for a long time.

at the end of 2020 received him there Foreign Minister Sergei Lawrow, in 2021 he was invited as a speaker at a conference of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

the Ukrainian ambassador Andrij Melnyk , who will soon leave Berlin, never hit Chrupalla. He was "more a rabid political activist than a diplomat," said the AfD leader.

recently caused a planned journey of three AfD MPs from North Rhine-Westphalia and Saxony-Anhalt in Russian-occupied areas of Eastern Ukraine.

Chrupalla, who was not informed about this, had phoned two of the travelers and made it clear to them the damage to the AfD, the "Spiegel" continued. The travel started in Russia was canceled . (AFP)

nearly 100,000 Russian nationals settled in Georgia to flee their country .
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