Classics: Federal Network Agency: Gas price cover by summer 2024 required

Survey: Every tenth has already bought an electric heating

 Survey: Every tenth has already bought an electric heating against the background of the Ukraine War and an impending gas shortage, many Germans rely on heating as an alternative. In a survey by the Verivox comparison portal, ten percent of those surveyed stated that they had bought electric heating in the past six months, i.e. a heating fan, radiator or a radiator. © dpa An electrical heating fan is in a living room.

The planned gas price brake must apply according to the Federal Network Agency for a period of almost two years. "We will be in some kind of tense situation until summer 2024," said network agency president Klaus Müller in a podcast by the Baden-Württemberg finance minister Danyal Bayaz (Greens).

Klaus Müller ist Präsident der Bundesnetzagentur. © Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa Klaus Müller is president of the Federal Network Agency.

The gas price lid is surely used until then. The quantities of Russian gas that would have to be replaced are "huge". The six liquid gas terminals and the connection to the hinterland would first have to be built so that a lot of gas from Belgium, France and Norway could flow to Germany. "It just takes time."

Auto supplier: Continental with high losses - "The current headwind is hurricane"

 Auto supplier: Continental with high losses - © provided by Handelsblatt The supplier is deep in the red. Photo: DPADATA portal copyright = at the supplier Continental, the costs increase significantly-especially because of expensive raw materials and high energy prices. Now gas is saved. increased costs and numerous special effects have surprisingly pressed the car supplier Continental deep into the red numbers.

Müller thinks it is right to relieve citizens with the sudden increased gas costs, but also insists on incentives to save. «If the signal were, gas becomes as cheap as it used to be, then I am sure, we do not experience any savings or too few savings. Then we experience that the gas consumption goes up. And then we are faster than we all love, in a defect situation. » Despite the Federal Government's efforts to get gas and to store gas, one could not do without savings. It was right to reduce the basic requirement on the gas price lid, but it shouldn't be so abundant "that there is no longer any savings pulse".

Müller calls for the Tempo at Gaspreisbremse

The government boss recommended the government to quickly submit a model for a gas price brake. "Politics will have to have the courage to implement a quick and easy -to -administrative model for at least this winter 2022/2023." Müller fears that there will be a lot of arguments where you are pulling in the border for the lid. "There will have to be a certain flat rate, it will be unjust." Because the municipal utilities don't know how many people live in a household. Therefore, one calculation per capita falls away. There will have to be a solution "where maybe not all questions of individual cases are regulated, otherwise it will be so complex that nobody can implement it." The model can still be refined for the winter after next.

Is a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Right for You?

  Is a Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle Right for You? PHEVs blend some of the benefits of an EV with the familiarity of a traditional gas car. But they also have some drawbacks you should consider.By Keith BarryAre you interested in buying an electr ic car, but you don’t want to give up the ease of taking a road trip without worrying about where to charge? A plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle (PHEV) might be right for you. As their name suggests, PHEVs combine a gas engine, an electric motor, and a battery. Unlike a conventional hybrid, their batteries are larger and can be plugged in to add range. There are currently 46 PHEVs on sale in the U.S.

The traffic light coalition announced a new “defense umbrella” of up to 200 billion euros on Thursday to support consumers and companies because of increasing energy prices. The controversial gas levy is off the table - there should be a gas price brake. For at least part of the consumption, prices should be capped in such a way that private households and companies are not overwhelmed. But what that means is still open. A commission should make suggestions by mid -October.

The network agency president again appealed to the population to save energy as well as possible. "If we don't manage to achieve at least 20 percent savings in private households, then we will not cope with industry in an average winter without cuts." It is not a good idea to "horn of verse" energy part tips. Müller said: "Energy saving your own wallet, but it also saves jobs, added value and industrial plants in Germany."

More than 8.5 percent wage plus in the metal industry .
- By Ilona Wissenbach © Thomson Reuters Archive: IG Metall -Flage in a demonstration in front of a Siemens plant in Karlsruhe, Germany Frankfurt (Reuters) - employer and union in the metal industry, in view of the high inflation rates, agreed on a strong wage increase. The collective bargaining in the Baden-Württemberg pilot district, which is to be taken over nationwide, managed to negotiate on Friday after almost twelve hours. The approximately 3.9 million employees in the largest German indu

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