Classics: Midye 47 on the Kottbusser Damm: Finally mussels as a street food

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The Midye 47 on the Kottbusser Damm serves the most popular street food Istanbuls: Midye Dolma, so mussels filled with rice and spices and served cold with a carving lemon. Our author tried the delicacy at the Mardin restaurant - and found a piece of Bosphorus on Hermannplatz.

Miesmuscheln im Midye 47: ein Stück Bosporus am Hermannplatz. Foto: Alexander Meyer © provided by Tipberlin Mussels in Midye 47: A piece of Bosphorus on Hermannplatz. Photo: Alexander Meyer Mussels at Midye 47: Bosphorus in Berlin

Lights, people, food stalls. Anyone who has been walking in Istanbul via Taksim-Platz and the Istiklal shopping street knows that the city only really comes to its culinary self when the night falls. When the number of street food stands and backs suddenly multiplies as if out of nowhere. And above all when the mussel dealers appear: the inside, which until late in the evening or - depending on the perspective - even early in the morning, take care of the night owls: supply goods with their protein -rich goods. Mussels are for the Bosphorus what the oyster is for Brittany, or the Côte d’Azur.

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Midye Dolma is the name of this specialty with a moving history. Midye dolma are mussels that are filled with rice, spices and of course your own mussel meat, cooked and then cold with a carving lemon as a meze, to the aperitif or as a street snack. This Istanbul icon was invented by Armenians: inside in the Ottoman Empire, so a little while ago. Today the streets of Istanbul dealers dominate: inside with roots in the anatolian province of Mardin.

After this province, the Mardin Kreuzberger has named itself. So it should not be a coincidence that the Mardin is now the home of the city's first Midye counter.

Midye 47: Single-Dish-Restaurant

Under the name "Midye 47" (whereupon the 47 refers, it remains unclear when asked-perhaps the postcode of the opposite side of Neukölln?) Are hundreds of shells filled every day, the meat is enthroned every day Like a jewel on a vaulted, slightly sharp rice. But because the Spree is not the Mediterranean and the Kottbusser Bridge is not that of Galata, there is of course a vegan alternative for those who cannot or do not want to make friends with seafood with Çigköft-Häppchen.

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Willkommen an Kreuzbergs erster Miesmuscheltheke. Foto: Alexander Meyer © provided by Tipberlin Welcome to Kreuzberg's first mussels. Photo: Alexander Meyer

Restaurants, snacks and stands that are extremely exhilarating their offer and - as in the case of Midye 47 - only serving one or two, but almost perfectly executed specialties, are a phenomenon that has so far been more on the culinary maps from Bangkok and New York, London or Beijing. It is rarely in Berlin. Exceptions so far: The Broiler Institution Henne am Leuschnerdamm and Berlin kebab specialist such as Imrin or Mustafa’s vegetables kebab who do not offer additional schnitzel, stew and pizza.

with the first hype about street food almost ten years ago and the success of bars such as Chungking Noodles in Kreuzberg, one of the best Chinese restaurants in Berlin , or Weng in Prenzlauer Berg and the many Neapolitan pizza bakery seepers the idea, up To forego endless menus, wider into the city. And just on the Kottbusser Damm to the Midye 47.

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If you now pinch both eyes together on warmer late summer nights, Hermannplatz still doesn't look like the Bosphorus - but it tastes like that. It's also something.

Midye 47 in Mardin, Kottbuser Damm 36, Kreuzberg, daily 12–2pm, at Instagram more Berlin pleasure culture

Afiyet Olsun: These are the best Turkish restaurants in Berlin . From oysters to Zander: We show you Berlin's best fish shops . Everything started with mussels: We spoke to gastro legend Josef Diekmann . In the neighborhood? The best restaurants in Kreuzberg can be found here , and at Hermannplatz it starts with Neukölln-here is our restaurant recommendations . The current news and recommendations from the Berlin Gastro world are available in the Essen and Drinking section . Still hungry in Berlin? With the Berlin Food app from Tipberlin , the right restaurant is quickly found.

  Midye 47 am Kottbusser Damm: Endlich Miesmuscheln als Streetfood © provided by Tipberlin

The contribution Midye 47 am Kottbusser Damm: Finally mussels as a street food first appeared on Tipberlin .

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