Classics: Cutting the hot water balloons between noon and two saved the equivalent of "the consumption of Paris" in electricity, announces Enedis

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  Couper les ballons d’eau chaude entre midi et deux a permis d’économiser l’équivalent de « la consommation de Paris » en électricité, annonce Enedis © Copyright 2022, the Obs

to avoid a blackout, Enedis was able to cut, from October 15, certain hot water balls between noon and 2 p.m., without consequences for customers. In total, this measure affected nearly 4.3 million customers, according to Enedis. These are individuals, businesses but also local communities. The goal: to test savings measures.

Energy crisis: the great fear of blackout

Successful mission according to the group operating manager and systems, Thierry Sudret. Invited to the microphone of France Bleu This Wednesday, November 16, he welcomed that this experiment is "a great success".

By moving the heating of hot water balls at night, Enedis saved "2.4 gigawatts of power", the equivalent of the consumption of "2.4 million French". "It is a little more than the consumption of Paris, it is considerable," says Thierry Sudret, believing that this economy will be able to make the difference during winter , and perhaps even allow to avoid electricity cuts.

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"An almost painless device" is RTE, the electricity transport manager, who proposed this measure to the public authorities, because the MIDI-14 Hours tranche represents a significant consumption peak. According to a decree published on September 27 in the "Official Journal", the cut will apply until April 15 (or at the latest in mid-May, according to the decree). It should save nearly 3.5 gigawatts per day on the time slot concerned, the equivalent of the production of three and a half nuclear reactors.

"Sobriety is our greatest wealth" many French people were worried about having no access to hot water. Thierry Sudret recalls that "this device is almost painless for individuals and craftsmen" while being "very effective" in terms of energy savings. "People will always have hot water," he says. The ball will not warm up between noon and 2 pm but "during off -peak hours". Enedis' operating and systems manager also says he had a complaint during this test phase.

GRDF: A strike in Paris disrupts the activity, customers without heating or hot water .
© Alain Pitton / Nurphoto / Nurphoto via AFP A social movement "strongly" disrupts "the activity of the GRDF gas distributor, mainly in Paris and in Île-de-France. Some households are currently deprived of heating and hot water. The CGT, the first union of the company, rejected an agreement on wages dating from November 18.

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