Classics: Local appointment "Green Gans": Classics in the Kronberg old town

Bad Lobenstein: Mayor temporarily removed from duty

 Bad Lobenstein: Mayor temporarily removed from duty The mayor of the Thuringian small town of Bad Lobenstein, Thomas Weigelt, is temporarily removed from the service. This was announced by the district office of the Saale-Orla district on Wednesday. The non -party local politician is said to have attacked a newspaper reporter in mid -August. The reporter fell and, according to the “Ostthüringer Zeitung”, injured the elbow. According to his own statements, the mayor felt provoked by the journalist, but denied an attack.

Stimmiges Arrangement:Filet vom Weiderind mit Marktgemüse und Kartoffelgratin © Wonge Bergmann Consistent arrangement: Fillet from the Weiderind with market vegetables and potato gratin

The red ceiling is a real eye -catcher. Although some guests may not even notice them and prefer to concentrate on the entertainment or the culinary program at the table. However, the red wooden planks on the room ceiling will definitely bring color to the guest room of the restaurant "Green Gans". In the evening, he throws an inviting light through the windows from a somewhat hidden house in the idyllic old town of Kronberg.

ever plays a certain role in this good room: two red pictures hang on the walls, in the corner there is a red sofa, the flowers on the tables and on the massive counter are red. And the candle glasses on the white tablecloths are also kept in this color. In the best sense, the atmosphere in the restaurant opened in 2007 in a former locksmith, the ambience combines tradition and modernity, everything has its place here, and the service is characterized by friendly attention and sovereignty - a nice place to get one in the Taunus to spend relaxing evening.

A horror master's work, as you have never seen before: Ultimate zombie classics get a new edition in the home cinema

 A horror master's work, as you have never seen before: Ultimate zombie classics get a new edition in the home cinema OB "The Walking Dead" or "Train to Busan", "Zombieland" or "Army of the Dead", " Shaun of the Dead "or" World War Z "-all of these zombie crackers would not be what they are without George A. Romero . The fear of the undead cinema shaped the horror cinema like only a few before and after him and, with his films, provided the blueprint for the brain, wandering, wandering monsters, which are extremely popular even after over half a century.

Gediegenheit im besten Sinne: der Gastraum des Restaurants „Grüne Gans“ in der Kronberger Altstadt © Wonge Bergmann solidness in the best sense: The guest room of the "Green Gans" restaurant in the Kronberg old town tarte flambee and snails

The offer of the "green goose" may be best described with the wording "French-German market kitchen". The "Our Classics" section takes on a large part of the map, and the first seven positions of different flambee variations are, which are particularly popular with regular guests in the summer months and are often a hearty little thing for wine on the small garden terrace in front of the Restaurant . For twelve euros there is the "Classiqe" with sour cream, bacon and onions as well as the "Gratinée" with additional cheese, the "Forest animals" with mushrooms and garlic and also versions with Gorgonzola and pear as well as chorizo, olives and tomatoes. The “escargot” with snails and the dessert flambée with sour cream and apples is somewhat more unusual.

rioters ignite 24 cars in the French provincial town of

 rioters ignite 24 cars in the French provincial town of rioters have set fire to at least 24 cars in the French provincial town of Alençon and fought violent clashes with the police. © Jean-Francois Monier/AFP/dpa rioters have set fire to at least 24 cars in the French provincial town of Alençon and fought violent clashes with the police. First, the officials arrested two occupants of a car in a problem area of ​​the Normandie city on Tuesday, the BFMTV broadcaster reported on Wednesday, referring to the police.

The snails are also always in the traditional Burgundian version: in half or whole dozen, baked in the snail pan with garlic herb butter (seven or twelve euros). In the broadest sense, French roots also have the Filet and the Chateaubriand from the Weiderind, each of which is served with fresh vegetables and potato gratin (33 or 66 euros). You eat so timelessly in many restaurants in the French province. Likewise, the classics of the house include, so to speak, as domestic program items, the beef tartar with fried potatoes (27 euros) and the very well-made Viennese schnitzel with its fluffy-crispy breading and spicy potato-cucumber salad (25 euros).

Mix from French-German Classic

The other dishes on the map change regularly. Often home -protected salmon is underneath, unfortunately recently in a somewhat overloaded version with apple, horseradish, salad, remoulade and different types of caviar. For example, there are currently black pussy with quinoa, chervil and pumpernickel (17 euros). Such dishes serve the zeitgeist and, like the very aromatic Tahini flower cavity served a few weeks ago, offer an alternative with trillingen and oatmeal crunch (20 euros), those guests who want to eat meat and fishless. For example, to the wonderfully to the point with melted tomatoes and pea-mint puree (33 euros) or to the hearty pikeperch with blood sausage and sauerkraut (30 euros).

The fact that a wine list is served with this mix of French-German classic and contemporary vegetable and seasonal kitchen, which also has a French and German focus, cannot be surprised. It is all the better that the selection of the bottles is quite large and well sorted.

"Green Gans", Pferdstraße 20, Kronberg, phone 0 61 73/78 36 66, Internet . Open Tuesday to Thursday from 6 p.m. to 11 p.m., Fridays and Saturdays from 5:30 p.m. to 7.30 p.m. and from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

GRDF: A strike in Paris disrupts the activity, customers without heating or hot water .
© Alain Pitton / Nurphoto / Nurphoto via AFP A social movement "strongly" disrupts "the activity of the GRDF gas distributor, mainly in Paris and in Île-de-France. Some households are currently deprived of heating and hot water. The CGT, the first union of the company, rejected an agreement on wages dating from November 18.

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