Classics: Confrontation with the Chancellor: Greens boss leans on a gas project in Senegal from

closed conference of the Federal Government in Meseberg: Scholz promises "very quickly" decision about third relief package

 closed conference of the Federal Government in Meseberg: Scholz promises will continue to advance the consultations during the week, says the Chancellor at the beginning of the exam. He did not call a precise time for the package. © Photo: Imago/Photothek/Florian Gaertner Olaf Scholz SPD, recorded as part of a press statement at the cabinet exam in Meseberg. Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to "very quickly" make a decision about the third relief package for the drastic price increases .

Olaf Scholz drives a joint gas project off the West African coast. Green boss Ricarda Lang criticizes the project.

Ricarda Lang am Rande der COP27 in Ägypten. © Photo: Christophe Gateau Ricarda Lang on the edge of the COP27 in Egypt.

The Chair of the Greens, Ricarda Lang, rejects a new gas project between Germany and Senegal . "For me it is clear that the focus must not be on new gas fields, but that we support transformation projects," Lang told the Tagesspiegel.

Uniper boss defends Sponsoring

 Uniper boss defends Sponsoring The gas importer Uniper, saved with tax billions, has defended his sponsorship activities. With the money, the money is dealt with "maximum carefully and consciously", said Uniper boss Klaus-Dieter Maubach in an interview published on Saturday of the news portal The Pioneer. © Oliver Berg chief of gas importer Uniper defends sponsoring. "We are very aware of the fact that we would be insolvent if the German taxpayer would not help us." At the same time, Maubach said that he could not rule out t

Negotiations for the project off the Senegal coast and Mauritania are still running. At the ongoing World Climate Conference in Egypt, climate activists from Senegal and Germany faced the project.

Energy Crisis: Scholz in Arabia, first stage of a tour in the Gulf

 Energy Crisis: Scholz in Arabia, first stage of a tour in the Gulf The race for energy resources began © UNITLED/AP/SIPA OLAF SCHOLZ is looking for oil and energy For Germany Petrole - The race for energy resources began The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday for a 48 -hour visit to three states of the Gulf , to try to Treat energy partnerships, announced the Saudi public channel Al-Ekhbariya.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD), who traveled to the West African country in May, had spoken out for the project. It makes sense to "pursue intensively" such a cooperation that this is a "common concern", said the Chancellor at the time after a conversation with Senegalese President Macky Sall in Dakar.

The Green coalition partner of Scholz further rejects the project: "Above all, it would be wrong to invest in the long-term fossil lock-in due to short-sighted considerations, that is, to invest in infrastructure that can only be used for fossil fuels" , criticized long.

She expressed them for energy partnerships with countries in the global south the construction of local solar systems. "There are still many regions in which the power supply is not sufficiently secured." In the end, Germany can only spend every euro once, Lang told the Tagesspiegel.

9-euro ticket, housing benefit, gas price: On Wednesday at MPK

 9-euro ticket, housing benefit, gas price: On Wednesday at MPK The heads of government will come together for a special conference in Berlin on Wednesday (12.45 p.m.). The topic of the Prime Minister Conference (MPK) is the planned third relief package against the consequences of the energy crisis. © AFP MPK: NRW Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (left) and the Mayor of Berlin Franziska Giffey (right). , unlike originally intended, there will be no federal-state talks with Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) afterwards.

also critically critically commented on the World Cup in Qatar . She called on politicians who will travel to the World Cup in Qatar, to criticize the host country on site.

It makes a difference, "whether you are on site to have football and have fun, or whether you put your finger in the wound," said Lang and continued: "Nobody should be silent." Lang praised Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) for her appearance During a visit to Qatar a few weeks ago.

The co-chair of the Greens announced that the World Cup ignore. "I have rarely followed the World Cup carefully and will not do so either this year." Lang announced that it would instead deal with the human rights situation in Qatar - even beyond the World Cup. "We have a responsibility to work for human and labor rights in Qatar, but also to work on better procurement rules for such events."

Steinmeier on the encouragement tour on the western Balkans .
About one, the states of the western Balkans cannot currently complain: lack of German attention. On the contrary. In mid-June, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) went on a two-day flash tour through the region, and at the beginning of November he organized a summit in Berlin with the Prime Minister of Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo, Northern Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

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