Classics: after the freight accident: Gas is pumped out of wagons

closed conference of the Federal Government in Meseberg: Scholz promises "very quickly" decision about third relief package

 closed conference of the Federal Government in Meseberg: Scholz promises will continue to advance the consultations during the week, says the Chancellor at the beginning of the exam. He did not call a precise time for the package. © Photo: Imago/Photothek/Florian Gaertner Olaf Scholz SPD, recorded as part of a press statement at the cabinet exam in Meseberg. Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to "very quickly" make a decision about the third relief package for the drastic price increases .

three days after the collision of two freight trains in the Lower Saxony district of Gifhorn, the fire brigade began to pump the explosive propane las out of the wagons on Sunday afternoon. Special pumps were brought into position on Saturday, as Carsten Schaffhauser, spokesman for the Meinersen fire brigade, said.

Zwei Kesselwaggons von einem der verunfallten Güterzüge liegen seitlich auf dem Bahndamm, während Propangas aus den Waggons entweicht (M). © Michael Matthey/dpa Two kettle wagons of one of the incredible freight trains are on the side of the railway embankment, while propaneas escaped from the wagons (m).

pumping the gas from the four overturned boiler waggons will claim days.

Because the wagons are on the side, only about half of the content can be sucked off. Therefore, the plan was recently to decay the remaining content in a controlled manner. However, since this takes a very long time, it is now being checked whether the half -empty wagons cannot be erected using lifting pillows and cranes. The remaining gas could then be pumped out.

Uniper boss defends Sponsoring

 Uniper boss defends Sponsoring The gas importer Uniper, saved with tax billions, has defended his sponsorship activities. With the money, the money is dealt with "maximum carefully and consciously", said Uniper boss Klaus-Dieter Maubach in an interview published on Saturday of the news portal The Pioneer. © Oliver Berg chief of gas importer Uniper defends sponsoring. "We are very aware of the fact that we would be insolvent if the German taxpayer would not help us." At the same time, Maubach said that he could not rule out t

Risk of explosions

On Saturday evening, the work at the scene of the accident had initially been delayed. A gas cloud formed due to the prevailing windless, Schaffhauser said. The emergency services were brought out of the danger zone for safety reasons. Explosion -protected fans were used to create artificial wind.

In the early Thursday morning, a freight train had held a signal on the important west-east connection at the height of Leiferde. A subsequent freight train was opened for initially unknown cause. Four wagons overturned, and the overhead line was also damaged. The driven train consisted of 25 tank trolleys filled with propangas. The hydrocarbon is high inflammation - the risk of explosions must be observed when rescue. Both freight trains came from private companies.

Consumer Center: “Security Network” for energy customers

 Consumer Center: “Security Network” for energy customers The consumer advice centers require quick clarity from the federal government when procedure against high energy prices. The boss of the Federal Association (VZBV), Ramona Pop, told the German Press Agency: "People are now urgently needing targeted relief in energy costs and a security net for autumn and winter." With regard to debates in the coalition, she criticized the intended gas surcharge, consumers are now deeply unsettled: "Is there a burden on the levy or relief via a current and gas p

Depirtions and train failures

The rescue of the crashed gas goods wagons and the repair of the destroyed route section on the railway line between Hanover and Berlin will take several days. The route will remain closed until November 27, said a spokesman for Deutsche Bahn on Sunday. An exact forecast is difficult. Trains are widely diverted, rail travelers have to continue to set themselves up on failures and delays.

"Only when the scene of the accident has been cleared can we start the repair work there," said a railway spokesman. There were already considerable damage to the overhead lines and in the track bed. For passengers who want to postpone a planned trip, there is a special cultivation: already booked long -distance tickets can be used flexibly up to and including December 4, seat reservations can be canceled free of charge.

Deutsche Bahn: First car removed from the accident site .
The complicated rescue work after the serious freight accident on the railway line between Hanover and Berlin is progressing. "We were able to remove a first car from the accident site and upset another," said a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn (DB) on Sunday. © Moritz Frankenberg/dpa Voluntary employees from the Technical Relief Agency (THW) work at the site near Leiferde. © Philipp Schulze/dpa Two freight trains collided on the night of November 17th.

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