Classics: heat bottle, heating blanket: If heat is too much on the skin, there is something more comfortable than to snuggle up with a hot water bottle at cold temperatures?

“abnormally hot” days in summer: in France, more exposed territories than other

 “abnormally hot” days in summer: in France, more exposed territories than other according to a note published by INSEE, 9.3 million people reside in the territories where heat anomalies will be the most frequent Record temperatures recorded in France during the summer of 2022 will become more frequent due to climate change and will test the population.

Especially now that many people do not want to turn up the heating too far

, are heat bottles, grain pillows or heating blankets high. their cozy warmth can have a downside - in the form of heat -related skin damage. Two dermatologists explain what is behind it.

Regular, deep warmth is clear the problem

, warmth can be very beneficial: a cherry stone pillow against bellyache, a hot water bottle against period pain and a warm patch against pulling in the back. Or just fall asleep with a hot water bottle.

at temperatures of 40 to 50 degrees no burns can occur with short skin contact, says Friederike Wagner from Dermatologikum Hamburg. But with "regular, deep warmth", skin problems can still occur. Then the skin turns so that a red-brownish network is created.

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 Total Metal boss: Employees should help save The President of the Total Metal employers' association, Stefan Wolf, relies on the accommodation of the employees in the event of a gas deficiency. "I believe that there are many employees who try to save electricity and thus costs and secure their jobs by working from home," said Wolf of the German Press Agency. "I expect that too." © Marijan Murat/dpa Stefan Wolf is the president of the overall association of employers' associations of the metal and electrical industry.

experts call this brown pigmentation "erythema from igne" - a word creation from ancient Greek and Latin, which means "redeen by fire". The phenomenon is also known as Buschke-Hitzemelanose, based on German dermatologists Abraham Buschke. The name Toasted-Skin syndrome-"Totowned skin" is somewhat clearer.

Take the blood vessels Samples

as one calls it: The phenomenon can only be determined by the optical changes in the skin, explains Friederike Wagner, the specialist for dermatology and allergology. So far, however, there are only a few studies.

, however, assumes that the intensive heat causes damage in the blood vessels. Through the heat, they initially expand, as the Munich dermatologist Esther Wißmüller explains. This reduces the skin.

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then causes damage to the blood vessels, red blood cells emerge. Their dismantling products - called hemosiders in medicine - store themselves in the skin. According to Wißmüller, this leads to the discoloration of the skin, so -called hyperpigmentation.

Gitterförmige Verfärbungen auf der Haut deuten auf das Toasted-Skin-Syndrom hin. dpa-infografik GmbH/dpa-Themendienst © dpa-Infografik GmbH/DPA topic Service grid-shaped discoloration on the skin indicate toasted-skin syndrome. DPA-Infografik GmbH/DPA topic Service “If the heat application takes place regularly over a longer period of time, the skin change becomes chronic. This means that the erythema from Igne is permanent and does not go away, ”says Friederike Wagner.

After all: the discoloration is not painful and usually does not cause any complaints. If the skin itch or burn, you can treat it with an ointment or cream.

, however: "There are no special treatment options," says Friederike Wagner. And yet it is better to go to the dermatologist or dermatologist if you discover a red-brown network on your skin. There are also diseases with a similar appearance that are not benign.

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warmth on the skin: how much is too much?

A toasted Skin syndrome can be avoided quite easily: by not so often exposed to the intense warmth. But how much is too much?

This question is not so easy to answer. According to dermatologist Wagner, a few evenings with a hot water bottle do not lead to chronic hitel anose. However, there is still not enough knowledge about what role the genetic predisposition plays. Or after how many hours of heat a discoloration arises.

Especially people who often fall asleep with hot water bottle or often have a heat patch on their back should therefore check the skin regularly.

triggered heat anose of any kind of deeper and long -lasting warmth, says Wagner. A hot water bottle, heating blanket, seat heating in the car - and of course a hot laptop on the lap. Even if we usually find their heat as pleasant, too often the skin should not be exposed to it.

No phenomenon of current time

The toasted-Skin syndrome is not even a phenomenon of the home office or the increased heating costs. Heatemelanosis was particularly common among forging, train leaders or people who worked on stoves or open fire, says Wagner. In her practice, dermatologist Esther Wißmüller meets the toasted Skin syndrome "every now and then". She suspects that the phenomenon "certainly occurs more often".

As tempting as it may be to snuggle into bed with a heating blanket on the sofa or with a hot water bottle - it is better not to do that every evening, recommends dermatologist Wagner. Especially in small children who cannot communicate if it gets too warm for them, you should be very careful at temperatures from 40 degrees. (dpa/tmn)

Toasted-Skin syndrome: skin damage through a hot water bottle shows through red-brown spots .
toasted-skin syndrome: skin damage through a hot bottle shows through red-brown stains Caution before heat bottles and heating ceilings: Intensive heat can sustainably sustainable the deep skin layers damage. becomes cold and uncomfortable outside, a hot water bottle can ensure relaxation and warmth. In winter, heating ceilings and grain pillows are also popular in winter. The cozy warmth not only increases well-being, but is also beneficial for abdominal and back pain.

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