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Classics: after moving of "Avengers 6" & Co.: Finally there is good news about the hot McU debut of Blade

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on September 28th and therefore it was announced shortly before the start that Bassam Tariq the direction of " Blade " will take over. In the weeks later it went downhill: First it was announced that the new edition of the vampire actioner should also be completely rewritten, then the effects on the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) were also evident: Because the "Blade"- Chaos provided numerous cinema start shifts -from "Deadpool 3" to "Fantastic Four" to the "Avengers: Secret Wars", expected with particularly great excitement. But that's the way it is with films or film universes that are so strongly connected.

Now there is finally good news about the Blutsauger comeback: Marvel now not only has a new director, but also ...

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2023 Honda Civic Type R First Drive Review: The Hooligan Grows Up .
Even with newfound refinement, Honda's sweet little hot hatch will still give you the giggles.Seriously, Max is freaking caning the Civic. And from the passenger seat, all I can do is giggle, too. The Civic Type R clearly loves being thrashed, and at the hands of an F1 champ, this car's inner hooligan has every opportunity to shine. That inherent playfulness was one of the previous Civic Type R's best traits, and not an ounce of that spirit was lost in the development of the new car. Instead, Honda worked on smoothing out many of Type R's rougher edges, and the Civic is better for it.

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