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Classics: These are the 10 strongest startup brands in Germany

petrol and diesel in Germany much more expensive than in neighboring countries

 petrol and diesel in Germany much more expensive than in neighboring countries Wiesbaden. Since the tank discount leaked, the fuel prices have passed even further. Especially in Germany, people have to dig deep into their pockets. In contrast, the fuel is significantly cheaper in the adjacent EU countries. © Marijan Murat A woman rumbles in a gas station in Baden-Württemberg. (Symbol image) After the so-called tank rabbit has expired, fuel prices have attracted fuel prices in Germany and, according to , are higher than in the direct EU neighboring states.

for the second time in a row, the "German Startup Brand Ranking" shows who is Germany's strongest brands. The social impact startup Share occupies 1.

Auf dem ersten Platz des German Startup Brand Rankings landet die Marke Share. © Share in first place in the German Startup Brand Ranking ends up the Share brand. for the second time in a row, young of Matt and Appinio have released their “ German Startup Brand Ranking ”. A total of 208 German startups were analyzed for this. The selection of the brands that were able to prevail in the ranking shows some trends that suggest that the current socio -cultural and economic change can represent a driver for startups. "Topics such as digital health, female empowerment or the economic transformation towards more sustainability are not only increasingly represented in public discourse, but also give up to the brand stories of emerging startups in these areas of the tailwind," said the author: inside of the report. Share is Germany's strongest startup brand This year's winning brand Share, for example, has a social business model for consumer goods in which every purchase is connected to a donation. These are Germany's 10 strongest startup brands: [Articlegallery ID = "155"] In second place and 3, the Mayd delivery rapid services ("Meds at your DoorStep") and Arive land. As a Female-Health representative, the startup Nevernot is represented in the TOP 10, which specializes in soft tampons and "sexual wellness". The period underwear manufacturer Ooia occupies 14th place. The top 3 has changed completely compared to the previous year. The first places occupied in the ranking of 2021 . Only About You and Everdrop were both represented in the top 10.

CDU boss Merz calls for more leadership of Germany .
The chairman of the CDU, Friedrich Merz , has asked the federal government to take more responsibility in Europe and to show management. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) held the opposition politician: "We are smaller in our discussion in Germany than we are seen from the outside, from many Member States of the European Union, but also outside the EU." In an interview with the German Press Agency: “Germany must be willing to take over more management responsibility.

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