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Classics: GRDF: A strike in Paris disrupts the activity, customers without heating or hot water

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Une mouvement social perturbe © Alain Pitton / Nurphoto / Nurphoto via AFP A social movement "strongly" disrupts "the activity of the GRDF gas distributor, mainly in Paris and in Île-de-France. Some households are currently deprived of heating and hot water. The CGT, the first union of the company, rejected an agreement on wages dating from November 18.

The activity of the GRDF gas distributor, affected by an Social Movement , has been "strongly disturbed" for several days, mainly in Paris and Ile-de-France, which deprives certain hearths of heating and hot water , we learned from concordant sources on Wednesday. Group agents are still on strike on the call of the first union of the company, CGT , which rejects an agreement on wages signed on November 18 by the other representative trade union organizations (CFDT, CFE-Energie, FO).

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"As we have many strike agents, there are a number of interventions in users who cannot be carried out," Eric Gautier, CGT union coordinator at GRDF, told AFP. Given the population density, the situation is particularly problematic in the Paris region, "where there are big filtering which are made by strike agents" and where intervention vehicles "go out in drops", according to Eric Gautier.

Customers evoke cancellations of

appointments "in Ile-de-France, the majority of our activity is strongly disturbed", confirmed the management of GRDF, attached by AFP. "Everything that can be postponed is postponed and the usual requests take longer than usual, that is certain," it was added from the same source, without being able to give figures, whether on the magnitude of these consequences or waiting times. "I have neither heating nor hot water for ten days," said AFP Mathilde Adeyemi, 27, who works in the fashion sector, and who has recently moved into a roommate in the north of Paris.

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its appointment with a GRDF technician, for the connection to the gas network, was scheduled on November 15. "On the 14th, I received a text from GRDF explaining to me that my appointment was canceled because there is a social movement," reported Mathilde Adeyemi, disappointed, specifying that he had not had a return since, And having been confronted, on the phone, with saturated appeal agents.

Some of these employees of GRDF telephone platforms "asserted their right of withdrawal" because they were "fed up with being yelled at," the CGT told AFP. The salary agreement provides in particular 2.3% increase for all, retroactive on July 1, in addition to an increase in the basic national salary obtained at the level of the branch.

strike at GRDF: Good news for private heating and hot water families .
© Pixabay strike at GRDF: Good news for private families of heating and hot water while at the end of November more than 1,500 French households were deprived of electricity, the manager's management reached an agreement with the unions. With compensation to the key to certain customers. For several weeks, it has been a hassle for many French households, in particular Ile -de -France residents, heating with gas. In question, a social movement for wages initiated by the CGT.

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