Classics: Vincent Lagaf ', SOS Garage (RMC Découverte): "I am not here to do the clown"

"It's worth doing the clown!" : Olivier Gayat (large families) attacked on the price of his car, Soukdavone replies

 © Instagram screen capture @Famillegayat "It's worth doing the clown!" : Olivier Gayat (large families) attacked on the price of his car, Soukdavone replied taken for Internet users for having offered a car, Olivier Gayat (large families) was able to count on the support of his wife Soukdavone. by posting a photograph of his car, Olivier Gayat, The famous dad of the program large families: life in XXL , drew the attention of Internet users ... but also their criticisms .

Passionné de mécanique, l’animateur offre conseils et aide aux garagistes en difficulté à cause de la pandémie, de mauvais investissements ou d’un gros manque d’organisation. © ABACA Press/RMC Decouverte Passionate about mechanics, the animator offers advice and help for garage owners in difficulty due to The pandemic, bad investments or a big lack of organization.

Would you be the Philippe Etchebest of the mechanics?

Vincent Lagaf ’: I'm fine. I love its gruff, clear and clear side. The pitch is simple: there are garage owners in the panade and, with my friend Thierry Muscat (boss of a garage classified among the 25 best in France, note), we do what we can to give them a stroke of hand.

More than mechanics, humans seem to be the "engine" of this emission ...

I am not here to make the clown, in other words, of the LAGAF ’. I am just Vincent, who tries above all to cheer a person in difficulty, to understand his mistakes, his injuries too, because the people I meet are really in distress.

Les Bodin's: The last tour of their show "Grandeurur Nature" starts in Clermont-Ferrand

 Les Bodin's: The last tour of their show after having filled theaters for seven years with their show "Bodin’s Grandeur Nature", the actors leave for a final tour. It begins Friday September 9, 2022 in Clermont-Ferrand. © provided by Franceinfo since 2015, the duo of humorists has been successful with the Bodin’s Grandeur show. Vincent Dubois plays Maria Bodin, an authoritarian old farmer, and Jean-Christian Fraisccinet embodies his son Christian, naive and good. The show has already excited nearly 1.5 million spectators in total.

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Top Mecanic (RMC Découverte): the amazing job of Vincent Lagaf ’before becoming an

host we see you dragging your leg and walking with a cane. What happened ?

A stupid accident, which happened to me at 1 km/h. I wanted to prevent my brand new motorcycle from falling to the ground and my leg was caught up in the rear wheel. Result, five -time ankle fracture, with complications. Not having respected my convalescence too much, I will have to undergo two other operations and leave my leg horizontally for 60 days, under penalty of boxing for life. I just got 63 years old and, as I want to make a few more bullshit, I will respect the Toubib instructions.

SOS Garage : Thursday November 24 at 9:01 p.m. on RMC Discovery

Interview Frédéric Lohézic

France 3: Cyril Féraud shocked by production, his amazing discovery on the Duels set in families .
© provided by all TV after the first round, where two families arrived ex aequo in a match of the regions, Cyril Féraud made an improbable discovery with "Papi Paul" a retired SVT teacher. In duels in families, offered this Wednesday, November 23, 2022 on France 3, the presenter noted Paul's new haircut and his strange means of communication. Paul, the Papi well equipped with duels in Paul families lives minimalist without laptop, without watch, without a bank card.

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