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Classics: "Sturm der Liebe" veteran: Is he the new dream man?

closed conference of the Federal Government in Meseberg: Scholz promises "very quickly" decision about third relief package

 closed conference of the Federal Government in Meseberg: Scholz promises will continue to advance the consultations during the week, says the Chancellor at the beginning of the exam. He did not call a precise time for the package. © Photo: Imago/Photothek/Florian Gaertner Olaf Scholz SPD, recorded as part of a press statement at the cabinet exam in Meseberg. Chancellor Olaf Scholz wants to "very quickly" make a decision about the third relief package for the drastic price increases .

The current " Sturm der Liebe " relay is slowly coming to an end. No wonder that the fans are already puzzling which dream couple will be the focus of the coming season. This year, Paul proved great that this does not necessarily have to be new faces. The managing director of the Fürstenhof was already part of the cast and came back for his new role in 2021. You can find out here why the story is repeated - and a real “ Sturm of Love ” virgins in the coming year!

Sturm der Liebe Robert © ARD/WDR Sturm der Liebe Robert

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"Storm of Love": Markus Sunge at the Fürstenhof sealed! The best deals of the day at Amazon!* "Sturm der Liebe": Lauras and Alexander's son comes to the Fürstenhof! "Storm of Love": Will Robert become the new dream man?

the college: Inside "lovable" a very special detail was noticed! The occupation list will change among the preview texts in the ARD press area from January 2, 2023. Where previously Sandro Kirtzel and Lena Conzendorf, as a dream couple came first, there is suddenly a completely different name: Lorenzo Patané as Robert Saalfeld.

Total Metal boss Wolf: Coming China Almost impossible

 Total Metal boss Wolf: Coming China Almost impossible The President of the Total Metal Employers' Association, Stefan Wolf, considers it almost impossible to reduce the economic dependence on China at short notice. "This is inconceivable," said Wolf of the German Press Agency. The background is demands to rethink the economic relationships with China because of the Chinese threatening gestures towards Taiwan and report on massive human rights violations.

The apparently clear indication would be a real sensation - after all, Robert has been able to be the dream man twice in the past. After Miriam's death, he found a new love in Eva. After having cheated on him with Christoph, she left the Fürstenhof with her son Emilio. Even the subsequent relationship with Lia just didn't want to work - so the cook would be single.

Whether Robert will really take on the main role for the third time will only show the coming weeks at " Sturm der Liebe " - we are excited. If you don't want to miss a episode, you should always switch on in the ARD from Monday to Friday at 3:10 p.m.!

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trucks with six factory-new electric cars accidentally crashed on the A4 .
Waltershausen-On the A4 Dresden-Eisenach, a truck with six factory-new e-cars accidentally crashed on Friday. © News5 / Schuchardt The rescue work was complex. News5 / Schuchardt The car transporter came off the road between Waltershausen and Sättelstädt in the morning between Waltershausen and Sättelstädt, broke through the guardrail and slid down a small slope, as the motorway police announced. The van remained overturned in the adjacent field. The 28-year-old driver was slightly injured.

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