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Classics: Deutsche Bahn: First car removed from the accident site

Bahn takes the first test drive with Siemens hydrogen train

 Bahn takes the first test drive with Siemens hydrogen train on its way to climate neutrality 2040, Deutsche Bahn undertook a first official test drive on Friday on the Niederrhein with a new hydrogen train. The train developed by Siemens with the name "Mireo Plus H" does not create an exhaust gas and has a range of up to 800 kilometers in the tested version. It is filled with climate-neutral hydrogen and only emits water vapor, as Deutsche Bahn and Siemens announced in Wegberg in North Rhine-Westphalia.

The complicated rescue work after the serious freight accident on the railway line between Hanover and Berlin is progressing. "We were able to remove a first car from the accident site and upset another," said a spokeswoman for Deutsche Bahn (DB) on Sunday.

Ehrenamtliche Mitarbeiter vom Technischen Hilfswerk (THW) arbeiten an der Einsatzstelle bei Leiferde. © Moritz Frankenberg/dpa Voluntary employees from the Technical Relief Agency (THW) work at the site near Leiferde. Zwei Güterzüge sind in der Nacht zum 17. November kollidiert. © Philipp Schulze/dpa Two freight trains collided on the night of November 17th.

around 35 employees of DB and Technical Relief Agency (THW) started recovering the crashed vehicles. The restrictions on rail traffic between Hanover and Berlin will continue to exist until December 16, as the spokeswoman said.

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Difficult rescue work

The free space of the route after the collision of two freight trains on November 17 is so lengthy because overturned kettle wagons were filled with explosive propangas. After the accident, the dangerous gas was pumped out by the fire brigade special forces and partially flared. This took days.

On Saturday, the fire brigade released the accident site for the further work of the railway. According to DB, heavy equipment and experts were already on standby, so that the work could begin immediately. After setting up the construction site, some would have worked through the night. The THW take care of the lighting. For the time being,

travelers must continue to adapt to train failures and delays on the important east-west route. The ICE trains between Berlin and North Rhine-Westphalia are affected, for example. According to the train, replacement buses run every hour in regional traffic between Wolfsburg and Hanover.

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freight train collision on November 17th

On November 17th, a freight train near Leiferde had held a signal early in the morning, a subsequent freight train rose. The driven train consisted of 25 kettle wagons filled with explosive propangas. Four wagons overturned at the collision. The train driver of the accessible train came to the hospital with minor injuries. According to the federal police, the train driver of the other train - apart from a slight shock - was not injured.

According to the previous investigations, the accident was caused by a human error. The Federal Police Hanover said that the route near Leiferde was wrongly released by an employee of Deutsche Bahn, although a freight train was already held there, a few days after the collision.

emergency cranes in the use of

Currently there are two large emergency cranes at the accident site according to the railway: the "Phoenix" with a load capacity of 160 tons and the "bulldog" with a load capacity of 100 tons. This ensures that the locomotive that weighs around 70 tons can also be recovered, said the spokeswoman. There are also two helpers with other rescue equipment on site.

After removing all cars and the locomotive, the railway experts could finally examine the total extent of the damage, it said. Then the repair of the tracks and overhead lines begin.

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