Classics: Toasted-Skin syndrome: skin damage through a hot water bottle shows through red-brown spots

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toasted-skin syndrome: skin damage through a hot bottle shows through red-brown stains

Caution before heat bottles and heating ceilings: Intensive heat can sustainably sustainable the deep skin layers damage.

becomes cold and uncomfortable outside, a hot water bottle can ensure relaxation and warmth. In winter, heating ceilings and grain pillows are also popular in winter. The cozy warmth not only increases well-being, but is also beneficial for abdominal and back pain. But if the skin comes in direct contact with the intensive heat, this can lead to skin damage. Here you can find out why dermatologists warn of an intensive application and how you can protect your skin from unintentional burns.

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toasted-Skin syndrome: When the hot water bottle damages the skin

heat bottles and the like often get in direct contact with the skin. Since the warming aids often heat up to temperatures of 40 to 50 degrees, burns can be created quickly. Although long -term damage usually does not occur in the event of a short contact, it can lead to skin problems with regular use. The result: the skin turns to the affected areas-there is a red-brown network.

  Toasted-Skin-Syndrom: Hautschäden durch eine Wärmflasche zeigen sich durch rot-bräunliche Flecken © provided by Merkur Photo © Pathermedia / Imago

The brown pigmentation, also under experts "erythema from Igne" (Greek for "red through fire") or Buschke-Hitzemelanose, is colloquially as toasted-skin syndrome ("Toasted Skin "). The optical changes in the skin are primarily due to intensive warmth that leads to the deeper blood vessels when you have regular contact.

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Toasted-Skin syndrome: Heat damages blood vessels in the deep layers of the skin

If the blood vessels are damaged, this can cause red blood cells to escape. If the dismantling products of the blood cells are stored in the skin, this is noticeable by discoloration of the skin. Over time, the skin pigmentation can become chronic, so that they remain permanently visible.

The good news: Even if the discoloration does not look particularly beautiful, they are usually not painful. It itches or burn the damaged skin, those affected can usually alleviate this with a calming ointment. On the other hand, the toasted Skin syndrome can only be prevented by not having too much heat. According to dermatologists, it is better not to fall asleep every evening with hot water bottle or heating ceiling.

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Toasted Skin syndrome: Select the correct hot water bottle

Since there are very popular in front of all hot bottles and often in direct contact with the skin, consumers should definitely pay attention to good quality when choosing. According to Stiftung Warentest, heat bottles with textile covering are suitable to avoid scalding. According to the experts, heat bottles made of plastic should never be filled with boiling water.

The hot water bottles are an everyday object. Since these are often used, especially in winter, they should be checked regularly for holes and cracks. Because the material of plastic coat and screw cap tires with regular use.

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