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Classics: looking for vintage furniture? Then you can't get past this gallery

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how does Lars Triesch live?

  Auf der Suche nach Vintage-Möbeln? Dann kommen Sie an dieser Galerie nicht vorbei © provided by ad magazin - Architectural Digest Furniture dealer and midcency expert Lars Triesch in the interview

AD: How since there has been "Original in Berlin"?

Lars Triesch: "Original in Berlin" I founded in 2009 on Karl-Marx-Allee. Until 2008 I was drummer in the indie band "Profession Reporter" in Koblenz. When the end of the group emerged, Berlin was the only alternative for my wife and me. I myself started collecting design at the age of 18 - the foundation of "Original in Berlin" was very obvious to me.

and where do you live in Berlin?

We live in Berlin Kreuzberg, our apartment has about 100 square meters - a former factory floor, where we were able to design our own room layout in cooperation with Katrin Greiling . The apartment is very bright due to the large window areas. It is located in a classic Berlin back yard and is therefore quite quiet.

Wineandco: During 40 days, an exceptional sale of the legendary vintage 1982

 Wineandco: During 40 days, an exceptional sale of the legendary vintage 1982 © Adobe Stock The windfall is not ready to imagine, it's time to enjoy it! From October 7 to November 15, 2022, the Wineandco site propels the famous vintage 1982 around fabulous labels, castles of castles that are uniting on the front of the canvas. From the first classified vocational wines like Haut-Brion, Lafite Rothschild, Mouton Rothschild, Margaux, Ausone, Figeac, Cheval Blanc, Yquem ...

is there something you would like to change?

an elevator and a balcony would still be great, but that is very complicated at the moment.

in three words: How does your home look?

Vintage - American - colorful.

& Lars Triesch A © Anne-Catherine Scoffoni Lars Triesch A Lars Triesch d © Anne-Catherine Scoffoni Lars Triesch D

Do you have a defined color concept at home?

No, there was actually no developed color concept. As I said: we like it colorful. The colors were gradually brought together.

Which space do you prefer?

Since it is an open floor plan, I can only define the open kitchen and the living room together as a favorite room. This area also makes up the majority of the apartment.

do you rely on certain brands or designers when setup?

I really like the American designer Paul McCobb, we have some pieces of him. But also Harvey Probber, Jens Risom or Adrian Pearsall.

Monochrome Looks: So you stylish the tone-in-tone trend in black

 Monochrome Looks: So you stylish the tone-in-tone trend in black hardly a fashion trend, with so little effort in front of the wardrobe, conjures up a top-styled look like monochrome looks. Simply combine pieces in the same color shades - done! In autumn & winter 2022, the fashion hack gets a dark coat of paint. Monocrome looks in black are the hype of the hour. Unlike in the late 2000s, however, the look does not make a Gothic image. On the contrary: it is incredibly multifaceted. You can find out which pages you can elicit from styling here.

Do you have a favorite vintage piece?

This changes almost every new delivery that arrives from us. Again and again I discover new treasures on my shopping strips.

& Lars Triesch e © Anne-Catherine Scoffoni Lars Triesch E

What distinguishes a good piece of furniture or accessory for you?

is important for me quality, usability, design and rarity.

and is there something that will never find like you?

replicas from China.

What is at the top of your wish list?

pieces by Jean Royère.

& Lars Triesch f © Anne-Catherine Scoffoni Lars Triesch F Lars Triesch k © Anne-Catherine Scoffoni Lars Triesch K Lars Triesch h © Anne-Catherine Scoffoni Lars Triesch H Lars Triesch g © Anne-Coffoni Lars Triesch G Lars Triesch i © Anne-Catherine Scoffoni Lars Read more Triesch I Lars Triesch j © Anne-Catherine Scoffoni Lars Triesch J

? All information about Lars Triesch's vintage shop "Original in Berlin" can be found here .


The divine day of Château Larrivet Haut-Brion 2019 .
© Le Figaro Vin / SDP The magic of Christmas. "As far as I remember, the Christmas days of my childhood were sunny and sweet," said in 1936 the eldest son of Charlie Chaplin in memory of these enchanted days in Beverly Hills with his father. In honor of Charlot, who disappeared on December 25, 1977, let's run an Château Larrivet Haut-Brion Rouge 2019 . A cuvée carried by a nose of sweet spices, a mouth with delicate tannins. The perfect wedding with poultry, hair or feathers game and chocolate.

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