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Classics: Wirecard crown: Fraud began long before 2015

"Harry Potter". Confessions by Alan Rickman, who played Rogue, unveiled six years after his death

 © Justin Tallis / AFP Archives Alan Rickman, performer of Severus Rogue in "Harry Potter", April 13, 2015 in London. Alan Rickman, the interpreter of Professor Severus Rogue in the "Harry Potter" saga, said his experience in a personal newspaper in the 1990s-2000, when he was making films. Extracts were released on Saturday September 24, 2022, upstream of the publication of a book that will be released next October. Severus Rogue is one of the legendary characters of Harry Potter .

The alleged billion-dollar fraud at the scandal group Wirecard is said to have started many years before 2015, according to the crown witness. According to the managers Oliver Bellenhaus, who worked until the Wirecard collapse in Dubai, the so-called third party business (TPA) was invented with payment service providers in the Middle East and Southeast Asia from the start. "The data was never authentic," said Bellenhaus on Wednesday before the Munich Regional Court. "It cannot be seen that the Wirecard would have been profitable without the TPA business before 2015."

Der frühere Wirecard-Manager und Kronzeuge Oliver Bellenhaus kommt in München zur Fortsetzung des Prozesses in den Gerichtssaal. © Lukas Barth/dpa The former Wirecard manager and Kronzeuge Oliver Bellenhaus comes to the courtroom in Munich to continue the process.

The indictment only goes back to 2015 because the prehistory is time -barred. Wirecard had suspected revenues of almost two billion euros through the TPA partners, which allegedly stored on trust accounts in Southeast Asia.

Corruption process against Frankfurt Mayor Feldmann began

 Corruption process against Frankfurt Mayor Feldmann began Before the Frankfurt am Main District Court, a corruption process against the Mayor of the Hessian Metropolis, Peter Feldmann (SPD) began on Tuesday. The indictment was read out at the start. It accused the 64-year-old in connection with an affair about excessive salaries and allegations of fraud in Workers' Welfare (AWO). © Thomas Kienzle Before the Frankfurt am Main District Court, a corruption process against the Mayor of the Hessian metropolis, Peter Feldmann (SPD) began.

Bellenhaus accused the former CEO Markus Braun the "gang leader". "We knew exactly what we were doing, we were all not stupid," said Bellenhaus about the criminal business of the leading days of the former DAX group. The essential decisions were made by Braun and the sales board member Jan Marsalek, who had been submerged since summer 2020. As evidence, Bellenhaus referred to chat protocols, as evidenced by those Braun, he gave instructions.

serious allegations also raised Bellenhaus against the third accused, his former direct superior and Wirecard chief accountant. This was a "driver" of the fraud. "Both are now sitting here and say:" My name is hare, I know nothing "", accused Bellenhaus his two co -accused.

, according to the indictment, the three managers together with other accomplices formed a gang that fake Wirecard balance and are said to have damaged lending banks by 3.1 billion euros. 100 days of negotiations are scheduled until 2024. Braun and the ex-chief accountant deny the allegations.

Responses of rents in Paris: the town hall muscle its game, but will it be enough? .
© Amaury Cornu / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP Ian Brossat, deputy mayor in charge of housing in Paris, promises to hunt bad owners. This is a scandalous situation to which no one has ever remedied. In Paris, almost one in three rental would continue not to comply with the law on the supervision of rents, set up in 2015, then definitively since 2019. To remedy it, the town hall promises to tighten the screw. From January 1, the city will have the power to control respect for the ceilings.

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