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Classics: first gas at LNG terminal Wilhelmshaven fed into network

Energy Crisis: Scholz in Arabia, first stage of a tour in the Gulf

 Energy Crisis: Scholz in Arabia, first stage of a tour in the Gulf The race for energy resources began © UNITLED/AP/SIPA OLAF SCHOLZ is looking for oil and energy For Germany Petrole - The race for energy resources began The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz arrived in Saudi Arabia on Saturday for a 48 -hour visit to three states of the Gulf , to try to Treat energy partnerships, announced the Saudi public channel Al-Ekhbariya.

The gas importer Uniper started commissioning the first German import terminal for liquid gas (LNG) in Wilhelmshaven a day earlier than planned. On Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m., according to the Düsseldorf -based company, the first gas was fed into the newly built connection pipeline by the terminal ship “Högh Esperanza”.

Das Spezialschiff «Höegh Esperanza» liegt in Wilhelmshaven vor Anker. © Michael Sohn/AP The special ship “Högh Esperanza” is in front of Anker in Wilhelmshaven.

«The fact that the first gas is already flowing over our LNG terminal in Wilhelmshaven today is further proof of the determination with which determination everyone involved is promoting the project. Now the test phase begins, which is to be finished at the end of February, »said the Uniper Manager Holger Kreetz, responsible for investment planning, from the German Press Agency.

Federal Network Agency: Gas price cover by summer 2024 required

 Federal Network Agency: Gas price cover by summer 2024 required The planned gas price brake must apply according to the Federal Network Agency for a period of almost two years. "We will be in some kind of tense situation until summer 2024," said network agency president Klaus Müller in a podcast by the Baden-Württemberg finance minister Danyal Bayaz (Greens). © Rolf Vennenbernd/dpa Klaus Müller is president of the Federal Network Agency. The gas price lid is surely used until then. The quantities of Russian gas that would have to be replaced are "huge".

close cooperation between authorities and companies

originally targeted Uniper to feed on the German gas network for the first time on December 22nd. According to a Uniper spokesman, it is due to the close cooperation between the authorities and companies in realizing the terminal. Last Saturday, Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) opened the terminal together with other top of the traffic light government. Uniper operates the terminal with the support of the federal government.

The special ship “Högh Esperanza” had fully loaded Wilhelmshaven last Thursday with around 165,000 cubic meters of LNG on board and made it to the newly built investor. The ship is the technical heart of the terminal, which regasifies the delivered liquefied gas and pumps on land. According to Uniper, the amount of LNG that the ship has on board is enough to supply 50,000 to 80,000 households in Germany for a year.

“balanced package”: Habeck defends gas price brake

 “balanced package”: Habeck defends gas price brake Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck, for understanding the expert proposal for the planned gas price brake, which critics consider socially unbalanced. © Wolfgang Kumm/dpa Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck commented on the gas price brake in the ARD «daily topics». When asked whether there was pace with justice, the Greens politician said in the ARD "daily topics": "In a sense, this is the case." However, he emphasized that the reverse conclusion would be wrong - so: to do eve

maximum capacity: 155 gigawatt hours daily

In the commissioning phase, the ship will release between 15 and 155 gigawatt hours of natural gas into the gas network every day. The gas then also serves to commission the newly built, around 26 kilometers long connection line from Wilhelmshaven to Etzel East Frisian. But then it is also available to the market. From mid -January, the commercial operation of the floating terminal is planned with a maximum capacity of around 155 gigawatt hours per day. "The next milestone is the arrival of the first LNG ship in mid-January," said Kreetz.

Lower Saxony's Minister of Economics Olaf Lies said that commissioning was an important signal for citizens and the economy. "It is a very good day that shows that we put the German energy supply on safe feet," said the SPD politician. "Great challenges also mean for Lower Saxony that there are great opportunities."

LNG terminals are also created in Lubmin and Brunsbüttel. In total, Germany wants to cover up to a third of the previous gas requirement over the floating LNG terminals in winter 2023/24.

Uniper boss appeals to the solidarity of shareholders .
Uniper boss Klaus-Dieter Maubach on Monday at the extraordinary general meeting will be addressed to the shareholders of the fluctuating energy group. © Oliver Berg/dpa The Düsseldorf-based company has fallen into trouble because of the Russian gas delivery stop.

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