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Classics: Pro-Russian guide of Lugansk places draft for new Lugansk constitution in front of

online survey on House of Democracy in Frankfurt

 online survey on House of Democracy in Frankfurt The city of Frankfurt has started an online survey on plans for a house of democracy. This should complement the Paulskirche memorial. The nationwide survey runs until mid -November, the city announced on Wednesday. Citizens could take part in a survey, but also bring their own ideas. The results should be included in a report by an expert commission on the future of the Paulskirche. The Commission plans to submit its final report in early 2023.

The leader of the self-proclaimed People's Republic of Lugansk, Leonid Pasechnik, presented a draft for a new constitution for the region on Thursday, which is controlled by Prorussian authorities and in September by Kremlin was annexed.

Archiv - Der Führer der selbsternannten Lugansker Volksrepublik Leonid Pasechnik in Moskau, Russland. - ALEXEI NIKOLSKY/KREMLIN POOL / ZUMA PRESS © provided by News 360 Archive - The leader of the self -proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic of Leonid Pasechnik in Moscow, Russia. - Alexei Nikolsky / Kremlin Pool / Zuma Press

, according to the spokesman for the Prorussian Lugansker Parliament, Denis Miroshnichenko, could be adopted the new constitution next week before the end of the year, reports the TASS news agency.

because of alleged Russia contacts: BSI boss Schönbohm is replaced

 because of alleged Russia contacts: BSI boss Schönbohm is replaced Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser (SPD) has, according to media reports, has recalled the President of the Federal Office for Information Technology (BSI), Arne Schönbohm. This reports the AFP news agency, citing government circles. © Picture Alliance/dpa Arne Schönbohm with Nancy Faeser (archive picture) from Ministry circles it was said that the presentation of the BSI report originally planned for Thursday should be postponed.

"The constitution has already been presented to the People's Council (...), it is already in the responsible committee and goes through all legal procedures that it has to go through," said Miroshnichenko.

The President of the Legislative admitted that the adoption of a new Magna Carta was delayed because "it is not an ordinary law that can be treated quickly", even though he emphasized that the Magna Carta finally "in the near future" Green light "could be preserved because" there are no obstacles now ". At the end of September,

Lugansk in eastern Ukraine was annexed by Russia together with the regions of Donetsk, Saporija and Cherson, who were answered with "yes" with an overwhelming majority.

The international community has never recognized these results and defended the point of view that the elections were illegal.

news source: (Europa Press)

Putin shifts his annual speech to Parliament to 2023, although according to the constitution, .
The Russian President Vladimir Putin will not keep his annual speech in front of both chambers of Parliament in 2022, although according to the constitution he is obliged to "annual messages" to be directed to a forum known as the federal assembly.

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