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Classics: CDU boss Merz calls for more leadership of Germany

Germany: the energetician RWE wants to close his coal -fired power plants by 2030

 Germany: the energetician RWE wants to close his coal -fired power plants by 2030 © provided by Tribune in full energy crisis, despite the extension of the activity of several coal -fired power plants in Germany, the objective of the government German to get out of the coal in 2030 is not called into question. As proof, the announcement that was made this Tuesday by RWE, the first electricity producer in Germany: "We are going to end the production of electricity in lignite in 2030 is twice as quickly as expected", Declared Rwe boss Markus Krebber at a press conference.

The chairman of the CDU, Friedrich Merz , has asked the federal government to take more responsibility in Europe and to show management. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) held the opposition politician: "We are smaller in our discussion in Germany than we are seen from the outside, from many Member States of the European Union, but also outside the EU." In an interview with the German Press Agency: “Germany must be willing to take over more management responsibility. Not leadership alone, but management responsibility for Europe. ”In his opinion, the European Union was good if Germany was ready to take on this role. According to the CDU and CSU parliamentary group in the Bundestag, this is "due to our geostrategic situation, because of our situation as the most populous and also the economically strongest country in the European Union". Merz confirmed his demand for the formation of a national security council in the Chancellery. The Union politician welcomed the development of a new Chinese strategy of the federal government. China is an authoritarian country and at the same time important trading partner. Merz said: “We will not be able to disconnect from China. But we also have to perceive our interests towards China. ”

More and more electric cars in Saxony .
In November, as many electric cars came onto the market than ever before. Does the trend continue despite increasing charging costs and less funding in the new year? © Symbolfoto: Paul Glaser/ in Saxony were approved as many electric cars as never before. Experts also expect great demand in the coming year - even though the environmental bonus expires and the costs increase. © Symbolfoto: Paul Glaser/ in Saxony were approved by 2,555 electric cars in Novemb

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