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Classics: Responses of rents in Paris: the town hall muscle its game, but will it be enough?

Acute Risk for Real Estate Bubble in Frankfurt and Munich

 Acute Risk for Real Estate Bubble in Frankfurt and Munich Frankfurt and Munich have the highest risk of a real estate bubble worldwide. According to the major Swiss bank UBS, the financial center on the Main is in second place to Toronto. The housing market is also heavily overheated in Munich. According to a study, the city lies in fourth place among all 25 cities examined, just to Zurich. © Sebastian Gollnow/dpa It is built - here in the European Quarter in Frankfurt am Main.

Ian Brossat, adjoint au maire chargé du logement à Paris, promet de faire la chasse aux mauvais propriétaires. © Amaury Cornu / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP Ian Brossat, deputy mayor in charge of housing in Paris, promises to hunt bad owners. This is a scandalous situation to which no one has ever remedied. In Paris, almost one in three rental would continue not to comply with the law on the supervision of rents, set up in 2015, then definitively since 2019. To remedy it, the town hall promises to tighten the screw. From January 1, the city will have the power to control respect for the ceilings. So far, this competence of control and sanction was a prefecture. Problem, she has not drew up only ten fines for three years, according to Ian Brossat the deputy mayor in charge of housing. "It is extremely weak given the magnitude of the fraud," he assured on the LCI set, this Tuesday, December 27. To read also: why the big French cities are the paradise of the rentiers of 'Immobilieren effect, 31% of rents exceed the limits provided for a barometer established this year by the Abbé Pierre Foundation. A magnitude which is corroborated by a report by the Observatory of rents of the Paris agglomeration (OLAP), published at the end of November, which evaluates at 30% the number of unvilled rents exceeding the thresholds. Small apartments - and therefore rather modest tenants - are the most concerned. This would indeed be the case of 70% of apartments less than 20 m2 according to the Abbé Pierre Foundation, which evaluates on average the overpayment for the owners at 192 euros per month, or 2,300 euros per year. Mobilistoute, this does not necessarily mean that the owners of all these dwellings are in violation. Overcomes can be justified by exceptional characteristics of the apartment, such as a view of a monument for example. There is still a safe bet that this is not the case of 30% of rentals in Paris. As a reminder, each lease passed since January 1, 2019 must comply with a ceiling amount fixed at the M2. This is established according to the district, the type of rental (furnished or not), the number of rooms and the date of construction of the building. To read also: failure of the rent of rents in Paris: why You have to go further for the law, the town hall wants to change your method. She first provides an interactive card on her website, so that each tenant can check whether her apartment is in nails or not. They must then report themselves to the town hall, which then promises to carry out the necessary steps with the owners. For this, a dozen agents will be mobilized "at first", according to Ian Brossat. If these bad owners do not regularize the situation, they are liable to a fine of 5,000 euros maximum for a natural person and 15,000 euros for a legal person, in addition to the reimbursement of the sums collected indiscriminately. The town hall will be able to draw up these fines itself. Despite everything, this will probably not be enough to settle the situation with a magic wand. Particularly because the tenants - who have often had difficulty finding accommodation - do not always feel able to enter a standoff with their owner.

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