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Classics: car sharing and e-scooter providers found a new association - for the image

Bentley Reveals First New 4.5-Litre Blower In 90 Years

  Bentley Reveals First New 4.5-Litre Blower In 90 Years It's the first of a 'continuation' range built to original drawings. Bentley has revealed the first new 4.5-litre "Blower" to be built since 1930 as it begins production of a new "continuation" range. The Blower Continuation Series comprises 12 cars, all of which are already sold, but this is "Car Zero," and it will be used as a testing prototype for the other dozen vehicles. Huge amounts of work have gone into the prototype, which was built using original drawings and a 3D laser scan of Bentley’s own Team Car, which wears the registration UU 5872.

More and more people are renting e-scooters or rental cars via app. The numerous vehicles on the streets and sidewalks also meet with criticism. Now nine providers are founding a new association to work on the image of the industry.

Immer mehr Menschen leihen E-Tretroller aus. © Joshua Small-Photographer / shutterstock More and more people are renting out e-scooters. Nine providers of rental cars and e-scooters want to bundle their interests in a new association. "As the Freefloating company , we noticed that there were many decisions that affected us, but that we were not involved in the crucial discussion rounds," said Christoph Egels, who, in addition to his role as a spokesman for the e-scooter rental company Voi should also speak for the rental scooter side of the new association. The companies therefore founded the “Shared Mobility platform” in mid-January, in which the e-scooter rental companies Bird, Dott, Lime, Tier, Spin and Voi as well as the car sharing providers Miles, Share Now and Weshare are represented.

The companies want to “represent and communicate their concerns more jointly in the future in order to gain weight in the public and political discussion”. At the same time, it is a matter of establishing a further central contact for politics and the media on the subject of "Shared Mobility". The association also wants to initiate new studies and investigations.

Nissan to roll out its [email protected] online buying experience nationwide

  Nissan to roll out its Nissan@home online buying experience nationwide The program has been a big hit at the seven dealerships involved in its pilot program.Announced Monday, the service is called [email protected] and lets prospective buyers schedule and complete a test drive, do all the negotiation and paperwork of buying the car, and schedule and take final delivery of their vehicle, from their computer or mobile device. [email protected] can also be used to schedule service appointments.

Free-floating model is to be established

The companies that are now merging are all pursuing the free-floating model. So they distribute their vehicles all over the city and do without fixed stations. The users can find the scooters or cars via app, rent them and park them at any location after the trip. So that a car or a scooter is always close to the customer, the fleets have to be significantly larger than those of station-based providers.

That meets with criticism: Many are annoyed by carelessly parked scooters that block the sidewalks. The car providers, on the other hand, are accused of increasing rather than reducing the number of cars in cities and, for economic reasons, only offering their service in the inner city areas of large cities - i.e. where public transport is usually well developed anyway.

How to Test Drive a Used Car

  How to Test Drive a Used Car One of the most important steps when you buy a used car is taking a test drive. It doesn't matter whether you're buying from a private party, an independent used car dealer, or even a certified used car from a franchised new car dealership; a thorough test drive is where you find out if the vehicle is right for you. To maximize the value of your evaluation, there are some steps you should take before, during, and after your drive. Being prepared can save both you and the seller or salesperson from wasting time on a car that’s not right for your needs and budget. You also don’t want to spend any effort pursuing a pre-owned car that has serious red flags in its history.

The Federal Association of Carsharing (BCS) published figures about a week ago, according to which all free-floating car rental companies in Germany operate around 14,200 vehicles, but are only represented in 15 German cities. Station-based providers, on the other hand, have around 12,000 cars, but offer the service in more than 850 cities.

With the new platform, the providers now want to counter such allegations more unanimously and also have studies investigate the effects of the relatively new offers. The aim is also to act as the central point of contact for cities and municipalities and to network with other associations. The association should consist of two working groups, one for car rental companies and one for e-scooter providers. dpa

2022 Kia EV6 revealed for US: Lands early next year with 300 miles of range .
Kia plans to launch the new EV in early 2022, with preorders opening in just a few weeks.In the US, Kia plans to offer the EV6 with either a 77.4 kilowatt-hour battery or smaller 58 kWh battery. From least to most powerful, there will be two rear-wheel drive versions: one with the 58 kWh battery that helps make 167 hp, and another with the 77.4 kWh battery that works to produce 218 hp. Both use a single electric motor. Moving into an all-wheel drive EV6, power increases to 313 hp with two electric motors and the 77.4 kWh battery onboard. (The 58 kWh battery is not available if you want all-wheel traction.) Topping things off is the Kia's darling EV6, the GT.

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