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Classics: Oughours: the iron arm curls between Beijing and the Westerners

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  Ouïghours: le bras de fer se durcit entre Pékin et les Occidentaux © provided by the

L point confrontation between the China and the Western countries has increased on Friday on the fate of Muslims Ouighs of the Xinjiang, With new Beijing sanctions against British personalities and several foreign brands now immersed in the turmoil in the Chinese market.

"The United States condemns the Chinese state campaign on social networks, and the boycott of companies and consumers aimed at companies, including US, European and Japanese, for their decision not to use" cotton) "Xinjiang due to forced labor," said a spokesman for American diplomacy, Jalina Porter, bringing the "support" of Washington to these brands.

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according to studies published by American and Australian institutes, refuted by Beijing, at least one million Uighours were interned in "camps" in Xinjiang, in northwestern China, and some subject to "forced labor ", especially in cotton fields. Washington believes that the repression of this Muslim minority is a "genocide".

Several ready-to-wear companies like Swedish H & M, the American Nike , the German Adidas or Japanese Uniqlo have committed the year to boycott Xinjiang cotton - a region that represents near One fifth of world production and provides many clothing giants.

Diplomatic Crisis

The press releases of these companies are opportunely reappeared this week on the Chinese social network Weibo, triggering a controversy. Sign of possible intervention of the Chinese executive is the Communist Youth League, affiliated with the ruling party, which launched hostilities.

Russia prohibits territory the boss of the FBI and the Ministers of Biden after the American sanctions

 Russia prohibits territory the boss of the FBI and the Ministers of Biden after the American sanctions © Copyright 2021, the obs squirting the cold between Moscow and Washington. After the announcement Thursday by the United States of the expulsion of ten Russian diplomats and new financial penalties against Russia, the latter replied on Friday, April 16 by expelled diplomats and banning to senior officials. 'Enter its territory.

First targeted company, H & M had already seen on Wednesday its products removed from the main Chinese online sales sites. Its stores remain open.

Swedish Premier Stefan Löfven has brought on Friday supporting the world's number of clothing, which is more than 5% of its turnover in China. "It's very good when businesses take responsibility for the working conditions of employees around the world," he said.

The controversy swollen Thursday with the announcement by several actors and Chinese singers they cut off with Nike, Adidas, Uniqlo, Converse or Calvin Klein , of which they were the ambassadors.

But beyond this controversy, the iron arm took the appearance of a diplomatic crisis about the Uyghours, mainly Muslims and speaking a Turkish language, which represents a little less than half of the 25 million inhabitants. Xinjiang.


The United States, the European Union, the United Kingdom and Canada imposed on Monday coordinated sanctions against past or current leaders of this region where Beijing has been for a few years a drastic police monitoring , officially in response to attacks attributed to separatists or Islamists Uyghours.

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  Marquez Marc Marquez admits he "will suffer" in his first MotoGP race in nine months in Sunday's Portuguese Grand Prix as his arm felt "worse" during qualifying.The six-time MotoGP world champion hasn't started a grand prix since last July's season-opener at Jerez, and hasn't seen a chequered flag since he won the 2019 Valencia GP.

China, which ensures that the "camps" denounced by Westerners are "vocational training centers" destined to move the population from extremism, replied by first penalizing ten European figures, including five elected representatives of the European Parliament. All are accused "spreading lies" based on studies that China estimates biased.

Friday, Beijing has extended its nine British sanctions, including high-ranking parliamentarians, as well as four entities. On the Chinese blacklist now appear the Conservative Party's Human Rights Commission of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, as well as the former head of this training, Iain Duncan Smith.

London, with whom tensions are ceasing to accumulate on topics like 5G or Hong Kong, did not delay react.

The British targeted by these sanctions play a "vital role" to denounce "coarse abuse" with human rights, "said Boris Johnson.

His Foreign Minister Dominic Raab announced the convening of the Chinese ambassador to "explain it in very clear terms the position of London.

As long as Beijing "refuses" to give access to the Xinjiang to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet, he warned, "International pressure will continue to grow."

A spokesperson for Chinese diplomacy, Hua Chunying, however, accused Westerners of being at the origin of hostilities. China can only treat with them only in a way they understand and they remember, "she said.

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