Classics: Why the Formula 1 does not seek a double event with Austin and Miami

Formula 2 2021: David Beckmann drives for Charouz

 Formula 2 2021: David Beckmann drives for Charouz © Sebastiaan Rozendaal / Dutch Photo Agency David Beckmann drives for Charouz in Formula 2 David Beckmann has secured a cockpit in Formula 2. The 20-year-old was confirmed as a driver for the 2021 season by the Czech racing team Charouz on Monday. This means that at least two German drivers will compete in Formula 2 this year, after Lirim Zendeli had previously been confirmed as a pilot at MP Motorsport .

Ab 2022 zwei Rennen in den USA, aber sie werden nicht direkt nacheinander gefahren © Motorsport Images from 2022 Two races in the US, but they are not driven directly in succession

2022 the Formula 1 gets a second race in the United States of America. This has confirmed the race series before the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix 2021 in Imola. and so the question turned out: Will the two America races be held in the double pack in the double pack, maybe even directly on each other in the weekly clock? This has a formula 1 boss Stefano Domenicali.

At a press conference in Imola, Domenicali said the Formula 1 is a date for the new race in Miami an appointment in the "second quarter". However, the race in Austin has been held for years in autumn, after the summer break of the racing series.

Info Formula E Riyadh 2021: TV, livestream, participants, schedule and much more

 Info Formula E Riyadh 2021: TV, livestream, participants, schedule and much more © FIA Formula E The Formula E season 2021 begins on Friday / Saturday with two floodlit races in Riyadh The first season of the Formula E electric racing series as an official FIA World Championship is imminent. On Friday and Saturday, February 26th and 27th, the first two of currently eight fixed races on the Formula E calendar 2021 will take place on the Diriyya street circuit in Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). The double header at the season opener in the Middle East will not be held in daylight.

Possible would be a single event in Miami or a combination with Montreal in Canada. All this is still open at the moment.

USA races should not compete with each other

stands only: Austin and Miami should not make a competition. "The dates are [far] apart," says Domenicali. "We want to give up there both races. That's crucial. Because we set the foundation for an incredible future for Formula 1."

for Domenicali is the second USA race from 2022 a "milestone we all have sought". In fact, Liberty Media's Formula 1 owners have been forcing a second US race since their entry into the race series, but repeatedly failed to implement, including in Miami. There, a race location was first favored directly on the coast, now a temporary course is created around a football stadium.

Formula 1 rejects vaccination offer from Bahrain

 Formula 1 rejects vaccination offer from Bahrain The Kingdom of Bahrain offers Formula 1 to vaccinate its employees against the coronavirus. But the racing series does not want to push ahead. © Provided by Formula 1 rejects vaccination offer from Bahrain Formula 1 has refused an offer from the Kingdom of Bahrain to vaccinate all employees in the top motorsport class on a voluntary basis against the corona virus who participated in the pre-season tests (12th to 12th) March 14th) and the opening race on March 28th.

According to Domenicali, all this is all that just an intermediate step to even more races in North America. At least he does not exclude that soon other US sites could be included in the calendar.

Soon more America in Formula 1?

"America", says Domenicali, "has gave us many opportunities and we encounter great interest there. Therefore, we consider it the right approach to make the second step that we can follow the one Grand Prix there a second "

"In the future, there could still be many [more] possibilities. You should never never say."

Because Domenicali also plans for 2022 with 23 races and, for the near future, at least in theory with a return to Africa and the premiere in Vietnam, which would have to be taken out of the calendar, probably existing Grands Prix from the calendar, probably in Europe. "That's a way," says Domenicali.

new events at the expense of Europe races

He continues to explain: "We have to be realistic. We can not spend 52 race weekends [per year] in Formula 1. The good thing is: There is a lot of interest. That puts us in the Location to keep unique events with the right value. "

"In the end, a mixture of strategic needs for Formula 1 is in some countries and from historical places where formula 1 should stay. And the beautiful is: we are really many options."

Formula 1 Concretized scholarship and internship plan for more variety .
© Motorsport Images With the initiative "We Race as one" wants the formula 1 more varied as part of the initiative "we race as one" was the formula 1 in June last Annual anniversary that they will found a foundation to finance scholarships and tuition for students with a migrant background - supported by a personal donation of a million dollars of the then CEO Chase Carey.

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