Classics: Warmer Geldensten for the Apple boss: Tim Cook gets huge Apple stock packet - and sell it again

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after ten years at the top of the Technology Giant Apple gets the CEO of the iPhone manufacturer is booked a batzen Apple shares in the depot. But there they were not long.

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• Tim Cook gets Apple shares worth $ 750 million

• Part of a ten-year-old salary plan

• Apple makes Cook for billionaire

as part of his salary The boss of Apple , Tim Cook, in these days about a true return to money: The top manager received Apple shares worth a three-quarter billion US dollars.

Giant share package

Details of the news agency "Bloomberg" According to, Cook were handed over five million shares. Currently, these have a stock market value of around 750 million US dollars.

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The transfer of shares was part of a ten-year contract, which the iPhone manufacturer had closed before a decade with Cook. At that time he had taken over the CEO post of his predecessor, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, and has since forwarded the skills of the trillion dollar group.

share packet directly sells

But shortly after receipt of the huge stock package, Tim Cook has also separated from the Apple papers directly. From documents submitted to the US Stock Exchange Superities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it shows that the Apple boss has made the shares directly to money and to sell 751 million US dollars for sale.

Apple shares as a salary component

Apple shares are the largest component of the Galent of Apple Chef Cook. Unlike many other companies, the CEO will not be paid with stock options, which he can exercise at a desired time, but gets the Apple shares directly to the agreed date in his depot.

Apple prohibits his staff to talk about fair wages

 Apple prohibits his staff to talk about fair wages The iPhone manufacturer Apple has an internal slack channel, in which employees exchanged with just pay, closed. A channel for funny dog ​​content remains against it. © Shutterstock Apple. As regards the use of the Messenger Slack in corporate circuits, Apple does not pursue any particularly uniform guidelines. The company has forbidden its employees to discuss fair wages in a slack channel.

Only last year, Cook stocked shares increased worth $ 114 million, the entrepreneur had extended his contract with Apple for another five years. By 2025 he should now lead the caddies of the company.

Tim Cook by Apple Job billionaire

His activity at the top of the Technology Giant Tim Cook has secured the inclusion in the club of super-rich. With an estimated assets of around 1.5 billion US dollars, the 60-year-old is one of the richest people in the world, even if his fortune overlooks the Amazon -founder Jeff Bezos, which is around 193.5 billion. Dollar should be difficult, relatively modest.


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