Classics: Hermitage. The Boberil Manoir Restoration Site delivers its secrets

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Studio Sherlock propose une exposition transmédia sur le manoir du Boberil, le plus ancien de Bretagne. © Sherlock Studio Sherlock Studio offers a transmedia exhibition on the Boberil Manor, the oldest in Brittany. On the occasion of the European Heritage Days, the Boberil Manor opens its doors and reveals the scenes of the catering site.

On the occasion of the

European Heritage Days (JEP), on 18 and 19 September 2021, the Audiovisual Production Agency and Transmedia Studio Sherlock will offer innovative and original facilities in the Manoir du Boberil to Hermitage ( Ille-et-Vilaine ). On the program: scenographies and exhibitions, the public will have access to the scenes of the manor restoration site.

"Archaeological studies have shown that the Boberil mansion is so far the oldest manor of Brittany. Dated 1335, he would have inspired the other mansions of the region. It is an exceptional building both historically and on the techniques implemented during its construction, " says Studio Sherlock.

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A model at the heart of the

exhibition The Sherlock agency has been following the site since 2017. It highlights the restoration work done on the site by proposing a new way of visiting these buildings by discovering the scenes: the trades, the know-how, materials and techniques used.

Le Manoir de Boberil est le plus ancien manoir de Bretagne. © Sherlock Studio The Boberil Manor is the oldest manor of Brittany. This year, an immense model of the site, at the peak of its development in the sixteenth century, will be exposed to the heart of a transmedia exhibition that will allow the public to travel over time through the architectural reshuffle of the building and Steps of the restoration. Realized with the 3D printing process, the model has been fully designed based on the archaeological discoveries conducted on the mansion. She then has been assembled and hand painted from digital modeling.

Nantes. Jules Verne returns to drawings in his own museum

 Nantes. Jules Verne returns to drawings in his own museum © Benoît Vieillant The illustrator Benoît Old man brings back Jules Verne in his hometown in 2021. An expo reports his adventures. A new exhibition starts this weekend of June 26 at the Jules-Verne Museum in Nantes. She gathered drawings from Illustrator Benoît Old Man imagined around the great writer for the series published in West-France last summer. The soap opera around Jules Verne was released last summer in West France.

Le travail des compagnons est mis à l’honneur. © Studio Sherlock The work of the companions is honored. Podcasts and videos

Visitors will be able to view the three videos, produced by Studio Sherlock, which retrace the restoration project led by the owner of the manor, Olivier du Boberil. They are interested in the know-how implemented by companies: work of wood, stone, slate, but also ancestral technical of the flood. The companions are in the spotlight and the public can discover all the stages of the restoration of this building.

In addition to visiting the place, the public will be invited to discover photographic exhibitions evoking the progress of the work, the knowledge-make and the materials used for restorations.

Sound installations will also rise the veil, through a set of podcasts, on the trades present on the site.

A room will also be dedicated to 3D. A commented modeling of the mansion will retrace the chronology of its architectural evolution.

"This innovation brings a new look at the restoration of the building. It will allow visitors to travel over time, visualizing the architectural reworking of the missing mansion and therefore inaccessible otherwise, in connection with its family history, " specifies the Sherlock agency.

Maquettes et vidéos présentent le Manoir de Boberil. © Studio Sherlock Models and videos have the Boberil mansion. The company Lefèvre, specialized in the size of stones, will be present with demonstrations. Another interesting thing to discover: the work of the floodland with which the mansion was built.

The Boberil mansion will be open Saturday 17 from 10 am to 6 pm and Sunday 18 from 10 am to 5 pm. Free access.

Senegal: Towards the restoration of Prime Minister .
© RFI Senegalese President Macky Sall, February 22, 2021. This is a wish of the Head of State, announced on Wednesday evening 24 November after the statement of the Council of Ministers who adopted the bill to revise the Constitution. The text must now be voted by the deputies. Yet it was President Macky Sall who suppressed this position in May 2019, after his re-election for a second term. with our corresponding in Dakar, Charlotte IDRAC Back to the two-head executive system.

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