Classics: A hundred foreign nationals arrived at Qatar from Kabul

AFGHANISTAN: Faced with the safe degradation of the country, France repatriates its nationals

 AFGHANISTAN: Faced with the safe degradation of the country, France repatriates its nationals © AFP - Sajjad Hussain Thirty French nationals took the special flight chartered by France and fifty Afghans affiliated with the embassy. The aircraft chartered by France for French nationals and employees of the French Embassy in Kabul left the Afghan capital at 8am, local time this Saturday. A free flight to repatriate people who wanted to follow the councils of the Embassy who asked French nationals to leave Afghanistan due to safe degradation.

a first international passenger flight left Kabul on Thursday, from the Chaotic American withdrawal at the end of August of Afghanistan and landed in Doha in Qatar. View on Euronews

  Une centaine de ressortissants étrangers sont arrivés au Qatar en provenance de Kaboul © AFP (Videostandbild)

The relief for these travelers from Kabul, now safe in Qatar. A first international flight was able to leave Afghanistan on Thursday. Doha, very involved in this operation as in the recovery of Kabul airport, which is slow to reopen regular flights.

" It was very difficult. It's been ten to twenty days that we are trying to go to the airport but no one could help us, we went there but there were shootings and so we were backwards- returns" explains Abdul, a passenger with a US green card.

Great Britain sends soldiers to Afghanistan to evacuate nationals and staff

 Great Britain sends soldiers to Afghanistan to evacuate nationals and staff Afghanistan-conflict-GB: Great Britain sends soldiers in Afghanistan to evacuate nationals and staff © Reuters / Phil Noble Great Britain sends Soldiers in Afghanistan to evacuate nationals and staff London (Reuters) - Great Britain will deploy hundreds of soldiers in Afghanistan to help British nationals and local translators leaving the country, the British minister said on Thursday. The Defense, Ben Wallace, while the safe situation deteriorates in Afghanistan.

"Kabul Airport is already destroyed, there is nothing left for people there unfortunately, but we are very happy with Qataris because they have taken over the airport" adds this Canadian citizen.

Among the hundred passengers, about twenty American citizens, but also the British, Germans, Dutch or Canadians.

For the White House "It's a first positive step" (...) "The Taliban has shown flexibility and they have been professional in our exchanges with them in this effort," says the state department.

Washington also thanked Qatar, which has been working for several days to prepare Kabul airport structures with a progressive reopening. A complicated task, both the airport suffered from the chaotic evacuations of the end of August, while thousands of Afghans made the seat of the enclosure in the hope of rising in one of the flights chartered by foreign countries.

Kabul: The American nationals urged to avoid the airport

 Kabul: The American nationals urged to avoid the airport The Embassy of the United States in Afghanistan urged its nationals, this Saturday, August 21, to avoid moving to Kabul airport. "Due to potential security threats outside the doors of Kabul Airport , we advise US citizens to avoid moving to the airport and avoid the doors of the airport for the airport. Moment, unless you receive individual instructions from a US government representative to do this, "says a newsletter published on the Embassy's website.

" We welcome the cooperation of the Taliban that facilitated this flight as part of their commitment to allow people with travel documents to leave if they wish. Our team in Doha (and the Special Representative for Reconciliation in Afghanistan, Ambassador Khalilzad, pointed to Taliban officials that additional measures like these will be well received by the international community "stresses Ned Price, spokesman of the Department of State.

Washington recognizes that there is still a lot of Afghans threatened to have worked with the former government or Western countries.

Despite their opening promise, the Taliban does not tolerate the challenge and tortured journalists who covered a demonstration in Kabul.

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