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Classics: Vettel future? Team boss names Deadline

Aston-Martin Team Unheated Vettel to EM-from

 Aston-Martin Team Unheated Vettel to EM-from The large football fan Sebastian Vettel has been showered by the English members of his Aston-Martin team in Spielberg with Häme. © Provided by Aston-Martin-Team mooded Vettel to EM-from eyes on the Rennstall election: The four-time formula 1 world champion and large football fan Sebastian Vettel is on Thursday of the mostly English members of his aston Martin teams in the paddock of Spielberg with Häme been showered.

Again and again there are rumors about the future of Sebastian Vettel. His team boss Otmar Szafnauer manifests itself at the Grand Prix of Italy to the Future of the Heppenheimer,

Vettel-Zukunft? Teamchef nennt Deadline © Provided by Vettel-Future? Team boss names deadline

Aston Martin's team boss Otmar Szafnauer has evidenced himself on the edge of the Grand Prix of Monza to the future of Sebastian Vettel. (News: All current information on Formula 1)

He clears doubts about an possible end of cooperation out of the way.

"We have no plan B. He has no plan B," Szafnauer said. The reports on alleged tensions between Vettel and his team Aston Martin would be nonsense.

"pretty impressive": Aston Martin enthuses from Vettel's detail depth

 © Motorsport Images Otmar Szafnauer is enthusiastic about the depth of detail, the Sebastian Vettel introduces the technical debriefings after workouts, qualifying and race with Aston Martin (formerly Racing Point) thanks Sebastian Vettel get a new quality. This has revealed team boss Otmar Szafnauer and the four-time world champion an extraordinary attention to detail attested, which he has not experienced with any other Formula 1 driver.

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Therefore, the team do not worry about possible alternatives to Vettel and would not have negotiated with no successor candidates.

"If we had only the slightest doubt, then we would have entered such conversations. In July, when everyone talked about whether they should go to Williams or to Alfa. But we are not. " (Data: The Driver's Development of Formula 1)

Formula 1: How to continue with Vettel and Aston Martin?

The official announcement would currently only fail in a few details that are anchored in the extensive driver contracts.

Vettel signed a multi-annual contract last year. But this has two-sided exit clauses, said Szafnauer in Italy.

Aston Martin announces protest: Still 1.47 liters in the tank!

 Aston Martin announces protest: Still 1.47 liters in the tank! © Motorsport Images Sebastian Vettel Bang for his second place at the Grand Prix of Hungary Although Sebastian Vettel's Disqualification from the Grand Prix of Hungary at 22:02 Local Time at Hungaroring was official, Aston Martin gives hope for the 18 World Cup Not on. The British team deposits at the FIA ​​the intention to go against the verdict in vocation, and expects great opportunities for it. Vettel was rolled out in the run-out of the race in the last sector.

Nevertheless, it could be so far with a promulgation of a further cooperation within the next seven to ten days. So before the next Grand Prix on September 26 in Russian Sochi. (Data: The racing calendar of Formula 1)

at the Grand Prix in Italy were Vettel and Aston Martin Twelve, of the Heppenheimer had gone to the race by starting place eleven.

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missing Vettel's Aston Martin now Mercedes steam? .
Lewis Hamilton Rast with a fresh Mercedes drive in the direction of title. Meanwhile, Sebastian Vettel fights with his Mercedes engine. © Provided by missing Vettel's Aston Martin now Mercedes steam? Sebastian Vettel could not be satisfied with eleven at the Grand Prix of Brazil . In the meantime, the Aston Martin-Star was already ranked six, but lost by the virtual Safetycar but decisive seconds and was caught by Fernando Alonso's alpine.

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