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Classics: Six Paintings Created for Kid A, Radiohead Album, on Auction

Arlo Parks is the winner of Hyundai Mercury Prize 2021

 Arlo Parks is the winner of Hyundai Mercury Prize 2021 "There were moments in which I was not sure if I would do it, but today I am here," said Arlo Parks in her thank-on speech. © Provided by Arlo Parks "There were moments in which I was not sure if I would do it, but today I am here," said Arlo Parks in her thank-on speech. On Thursday (September 09), once again the Hyundai Mercury Prize 2021 was awarded to the best British album of last year.

Les peintures de Thom Yorke, leader de Radiohead, et de Stanley Donwood, peintre britannique, seront mises aux enchères chez Christie's à compter du 5 octobre. © Patricia of Melo Moreira / AFP Thom Yorke's paintings, Radiohead Leader, and Stanley Donwood, British Painter, will be auctioned At Christie's as of October 5th.

Thom Yorke painted well before turning to sing. Before you know the success, there was only a lambda student at Exeter's Art School, with his comrade Stanley Donwood, who had become a painter. The two artists are known, in their own way: one for his voice, the other for the design of radiohead album pockets. Indeed, since 1994 and the exit of Iron Lung , the third EP of the British group, Stanley Donwood has steadily realized the covers of all their albums.

from October 5th to 19th, the Christie's house will offer auction six Donwood paintings during the sale First Open: Post-War and Contemporary Art . But before finding buyer, the canvases will be the subject of an exhibition. Title How to Disappear Completely , it will be held from October 9th to 15th at Christie's in London. The price of each canvas is estimated between 11,000 and 17,000 euros.

1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal Is A Rare Sight

  1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal Is A Rare Sight Rarely seen in the United States, this rare classic Alfa Romeo Montreal can be yours. Marcello Gandini with the Carrozzeria Bertone introduced the Alfa Romeo Montreal to the public in 1967 at the Expo 67 World’s Fair in Montreal, Canada. The public gave the model a great reception and so the automaker made it a production model. Once it did go into production, only 3,925 were made, and of those, only 100 made it to North America. Examples like this model are extremely rare to find in the U.S.

This series of winter landscapes served as tests before finding the perfect combination for Kid A pouch, Fourth Album Studio de Radiohead, released in 2000. Stanley Donwood painted them between 1999 and 2001, in a rehabilitated barn. . Initially, the group had purchased her as a recording studio with the money earned thanks to their previous opus, ok computer , published in 1997.

« we had many versions of the cover, all with different images and different titles in different characters , entrusts the painter in a statement. we could not determine which was the right one, so we got them down and glued with adhesive tape on the cabinets and the kitchen refrigerator, hoping that the next morning, good cover and good Title would be obvious. And that was the case, and it was called kid a .

The album Kid has celebrates its twenty-one. For the occasion, Radiohead announced a reissue of Kid a (2000) and Amnesiac (2001), its twin albums recorded at the same sessions, in the anniversary edition Kid a Mnesia . According to Thom Yorke, it's " a Palace of Memory composed of mid-forgotten sessions and unpublished hardware". In addition to the reissue is added a third bonus disc, Amesiae, truffled recordings never revealed. The first single, the mysterious if you say the word , is already available .

GAA Classic Cars Auction Reports 91-Percent Sell-Through Rate .
The GAA July auction has just wrapped up, and the results continue to blow us away! There has been a lot of talk surrounding the now famous GAA Classic Cars vehicle auction house, their precedence for excellence and high yields for beautiful cars has allowed them to boost to the top of the automotive auction industry in a relatively short amount of time. Years of exponential growth thus far have just afforded them a record-breaking performance at their last two spring auctions, and they have just reported an impressive 91-percent sell-through rate - up even more from last year's July auction.

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