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Classics: with Expo 2020, Dubai inaugurates the largest global event from the

video. Geek days in Rennes. The park-expo is full of fans of pop culture

 video. Geek days in Rennes. The park-expo is full of fans of pop culture © Philippe Renault / West-France A very pop culture atmosphere in the paths of the park-expo. fans of pop culture, video games, comics, mangas, cinema, series, cosplay, comics ... they were not less than 8,000 to have visited this Saturday 25 September 2021 The first day of the Geek Days at the Rennes Saint-Jacques park. And the atmosphere was at the rendezvous. to walk around Rennes , this Saturday, September 25, we would almost forget the health crisis and these long months of sinistrose.

La cérémonie d'ouverture de la grande Expo 2020 s'est tenue le jeudi 30 septembre. AFP/Karim Sahib pandemic © Karim Sahib The opening ceremony of the Great Expo 2020 was held on Thursday, September 30th. AFP / Karim Sahib

International innovations presented with great pomp. The United Arab Emirates launched Thursday night in Dubai Expo-2020 , first organized universal exhibition in the Middle East and largest event on a global scale since the beginning of the pandemic of Covid-19 .

The young heir prince of Dubai, the Sheikh Hamdane Ben Mohammed, officially inaugurated the opening ceremony of this event of seven billion dollars.

AFP/Karim Sahib © Provided by the Parisian AFP / Karim Sahib

Projections and lights of lights illuminated the Al-Wasl Plaza, a futuristic enclosure in the form of a dome, symbol of Islamic architecture. Various concerts followed, including those of the famous Emiratie Ahlam diva or the British singer Ellie Goulding.

J-1 for Dubai Expo-2020, bigger event from the pandemic

 J-1 for Dubai Expo-2020, bigger event from the pandemic © Giuseppe Caciace Photo taken on August 24, 2021 Showing the Great Wheel of Dubai The United Arab Emirates hope to accommodate 25 million visitors to the Dubai Expo-2020, the first universal exhibition organized in the Middle East and largest event worldwide since the beginning of the Pandemic of Covid-19.

Chinese pianist Lang Lang was also among the star artists as well as the Italian tenor Andrea Bocelli, who closed the show in front of the Emirati leaders.

opening to the public Friday

postponed last year due to the health crisis, the exhibition will open to the public on Friday in the middle of the desert, on the outskirts of Dubai, a city already known for its skyscrapers and taste of the luxury. Emirates hope to accommodate 25 million visitors.

AFP/Giuseppe Cacace © Provided by Le Parisien AFP / Giuseppe Caciace

The Expo-2020 promises to unveil architectural wonders and technological innovations in its many pavilions, representing more than 190 countries. The first universal exhibition was held in London in 1851 at Crystal Palace, a structure built for the occasion. And in Paris, the exposure of 1889 had unveiled the Eiffel Tower.

between climat and density, the cities increasingly threatened by extreme heat

 between climat and density, the cities increasingly threatened by extreme heat © AFP / Munir UZ Zaman among the most affected cities Figure Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, which experienced a 575 million population. --Extreme heat days during the period studied (1983-2016). A study conducted on more than 13,000 cities in the world demonstrates how much global warming is merciless for poor people living in urban areas. In question, the "heat islands" due to the density of cities, where concrete, asphalt and the slightest vegetation tend to lock the heat.

Expo-2020 to the emirates also promises to be the biggest event ever seen in the Middle East, one year from the World Cup to be held in the rich neighboring country, Qatar. Dubai hopes to record 25 million visits for its six-month universal exhibition.

While the Japanese authorities had banned the public for its Tokyo Olympics, Dubai opens its doors to foreign tourists who will have to wear masks and respect a social distancing. Visitors will have to have been vaccinated or have a negative PCR test.

Hyperloop and Sarcophagus

Among the expected attractions: the Harlem GlobeTrotters and a Chinese panda robot. Futuristic travel enthusiasts will be able to visit a hyperloop cabin, while history enthusiasts will have the opportunity to see an old sarcophagus in the Egyptian flag.

China boasts of having one of the largest pavilions, in the form of a bulb, while Morocco has built its inception arguing environmental reasons. The Dutch, they will have a pyramid covered with edible plants and irrigated by solar rainwater.

Most European states participate in the event, despite the appeal of the European Parliament to the boycott, "to show their rejection of human rights violations to the emirates", according to a resolution voted in mid-September.

Despite their international charming campaigns, the Emirates are regularly criticized by NGOs, particularly for freedom of expression or the conditions of foreign workers, such as those deployed by mass to build the site of Expo-2020 .

Oil, Gas ... The Fabulous Essor of the United Arab Emirates in 50 years of existence .
© Pixabay Oil, Gas ... The Fabulous Essor of the United Arab Emirates in 50 years of existence Fifty years ago, the country does not had only 300,000 inhabitants against 10 million today. EAB FOUAD, 64, was still a teenager when he participated fifty years ago at the parade celebrating the birth of the United Arab Emirates, became one of the richest and influential countries of the Gulf.

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