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Classics: ÖFB Team: Team boss change for Schöttel No topic: "Simply unfair"

Financial Fairplay at Messi? That says the PSG-Boss

 Financial Fairplay at Messi? That says the PSG-Boss Lionel Messi completes the PSG rodemble. But is there financially really everything with right things? © Provided by Financial Fairplay at Messi? This tells the PSG-Boss while in Germany itself the FC Bayern has to bake due to the Corona pandemic smaller transfer rolls, PSG continues to grow with money around. This summer, Achraf Hakimi was committed to 60 million euros. In addition, free-free, but expensive stars such as Sergio Ramos or Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Although the designated ÖFB President Gerhard Milletich Shuffling said that already after alternatives for team boss Franco Foda is to be searched, ÖFB sports director Peter Schöttel strengthens his coach The back.

Franco Foda © Provided by Spox Franco Foda

The World Cup qualification could hardly run through for the Austrian national team. Most recently, there were defeats against Scotland (0: 1) and Israel (2: 5) - against Faroe Islands and Denmark (each abroad) must urgently be retracted for any World Cup participation.

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Audi boss Duesmann holds higher yield with electric cars for possible

 Audi boss Duesmann holds higher yield with electric cars for possible Audi boss Markus Duesmann presents higher returns with electric cars. © Provided by Hannelore Foerster / Getty Images The complexity of electrical models is lower than with cars with gasoline or diesel engine, Duesmann said on Friday. Decisive is how the battery costs developed. "Then it would be conceivable that you can retract with electric vehicles a higher return than combing." The Ingolstädter Carmaker has set itself a return between nine and eleven percent as a destination.

As Team boss Franco Foda probably did not help that the upcoming ÖFB President Milletich already made a possible coach change in view. "You can be sure that my first appointment is a conversation with Franco Foda. In parallel, I will ask Sport Director Peter Schöttel and the ÖFB Sports Commission to look for alternatives in the market, "announced the 65-year-old in the Krone .

Peter Schöttel Good Things, with "FODA to the World Cup"

Sport Director Peter Schöttel tried to demonstratively wind from the sails at a press conference of team boss discussion. Although you would already worry about the future, but above all because you have to count on that the team boss gets an offer he can not go out ". "Even then you have to be as a bandage, and I especially prepared as a sports director. Of the way, my work has not changed much for my work. "Rather, Schöttel is good things," that it goes on with Franco Foda and we drive to the World Cup. This is the great goal we all have. "

Bayern boss Hainer against short World Cup rhythm: "Exfecting devil with Belzebub"

 Bayern boss Hainer against short World Cup rhythm: Dusseldorf (SID) - A shortening of the rhythm of Football World Championships from currently four in the future two years is a counterproductive attempt for Bayern Munich's President Herbert Hainer Canceling of the ever higher need for money. "You want to make more money through even more competitions and games. However, one just tries to drive out the devil with the Belzeub. That's the wrong way," said the club of the German Master on Wednesday at the industry congress Spobis in Dusseldorf.

criticism on team boss finds nostrils as far as possible unfair. Rather, a discussion had to take place on efficiency, determination and assertiveness. Schöttel had observed a lot of individual mistakes of experienced players. "That's something I'm doing heavily that you are the team boss," says the Rapid legend.

Peter Schöttel: "I just find that unfair"

Schöttel continues: "I'll do myself hard if the European Championship is trying to give the success only to players and not involve the team boss. I just find that unfair. The team boss is made responsible for many things at the moment, for whom he can do little. "

it is not so far to look for a new team boss, says Schöttel. The reasoning? "We still have the chance to become second in the group. This is still the goal we seek. We have part areas in which we have to improve ourselves. The most important thing will be, this team clearness on the field to bring. That the player has quality, we know. It is now about mastering this course positively to win against Faroe Islands and bring a top performance in Copenhagen and also to score. "

The table in group F # Simple GameGuvtore +/- Pkt.1Denemark660022: 022182Schottland63219: 54113iRael631214: 113104Austria62139: 13-475FARÖER61144: 14-1046Moldavia60153: 18-151

Red Bull Boss stormed in Mercedes camp .
after the race in Abu Dhabi was Christian Horner looking for Toto Wolff. He made in the Mercedes camp for a film-reactive scene. © Provided by Red-Bull Boss stormed in Mercedes camp after The Dramatic World Cup Final of Formula 1 in Abu Dhabi seemed obviously to a curious scene behind the scenes.

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