Classics: Verlagung? Fürth-Boss counters Hellmann sharp

Financial Fairplay at Messi? That says the PSG-Boss

 Financial Fairplay at Messi? That says the PSG-Boss Lionel Messi completes the PSG rodemble. But is there financially really everything with right things? © Provided by Financial Fairplay at Messi? This tells the PSG-Boss while in Germany itself the FC Bayern has to bake due to the Corona pandemic smaller transfer rolls, PSG continues to grow with money around. This summer, Achraf Hakimi was committed to 60 million euros. In addition, free-free, but expensive stars such as Sergio Ramos or Gianluigi Donnarumma.

Because of worse marketability of the Bundesliga is a smaller club like Fürth some responsible persons a mandrel in the eye. Rachid Azzouzi has no understanding.

Verzwergung? Fürth-Boss kontert Hellmann scharf © Provided by Verlagung? Fürth-Boss Counters Hellmann Scharf

The SPVGG Greuther Fürth has just a single point in the account after eight matchdays.

as bad as the climber was not yet there in the Bundesliga story at this time.

Fürth does not want to take euphoria

Nevertheless, the francs do not want to take the euphoria after the surprising ascent. (Data: The Bundesliga table)

steelworks double pass on Sunday from 11 o'clock live on TV and in the stream on sport1

Audi boss Duesmann holds higher yield with electric cars for possible

 Audi boss Duesmann holds higher yield with electric cars for possible Audi boss Markus Duesmann presents higher returns with electric cars. © Provided by Hannelore Foerster / Getty Images The complexity of electrical models is lower than with cars with gasoline or diesel engine, Duesmann said on Friday. Decisive is how the battery costs developed. "Then it would be conceivable that you can retract with electric vehicles a higher return than combing." The Ingolstädter Carmaker has set itself a return between nine and eleven percent as a destination.

"We do not take the pleasure, we want to score. It brings nothing to run around with lowered heads, "said Fürth's Managing Director Sport, Rachid Azzouri, in the steelwork double pass on Sport1.

This also changes the bitter 0: 1 against VfL Bochum on Saturday nothing. Because the focus is not on the short-term success at the shamrock, but on the sustainability. (Data: Results and Schedules of the Bundesliga)

Dardais Joker sting: Hertha Cheers thanks to Bauer owner

 Dardais Joker sting: Hertha Cheers thanks to Bauer owner Hertha BSC has won on Friday evening the basement duel against the SPVGG Greuther Fürth was won just 2: 1. The difference made Berlin Joker and an own goal. © Imago Images Owner: Fürth's Maximilian Bauer wants to clarify in front of Berlin Jurgen Ekkelenkamp and directs the ball into his own goal. Hrgota brings Fürth in the lead - Ekkelenkamp is fast from Berlin's coach Pal Dardai set after the first season win, the 3-1 away win at VfL Bochum, on five positions around: Boateng, M.

and of which they did not dissuade any negative results nor from the opinion of others who see a threat to marketing the Bundesliga in economic dwarves as Fürth.

Hellmann statements Anger Azzouzi

Therefore, Azzouzi also reacted with incomprehension on statements Axel Hellmann. The CEO of Eintracht Frankfurt had called three reasons why the Bundesliga could no longer market as well as in recent years. (News: All current information about the Bundesliga)

ÖFB Team: Team boss change for Schöttel No topic: "Simply unfair"

 ÖFB Team: Team boss change for Schöttel No topic: Although the designated ÖFB President Gerhard Milletich Shuffling said that already after alternatives for team boss Franco Foda is to be searched, ÖFB sports director Peter Schöttel strengthens his coach The back. © Provided by Spox Franco Foda The World Cup qualification could hardly run through for the Austrian national team.

In addition to the former dominance of Bavaria and the lack of international superstars, this is also the participation of smaller clubs that would not have the radiance of the current second division Werder, HSV and Schalke.

Even if he did not explicitly named in the context Fürth, his statements of Azzouzi were kept sharp.

"This Hellmann is very far away from football. What makes economy, is he good, "said Azzouzi. "But everything that makes the sport, all the football makes up, this passion that lacks this person completely. He comes from the commercial area. He only has numbers in the head. "

Basler:" May not condemn everything "

Sport1 expert Mario Basler tried to classify the statements of the Eintracht boss. "We can not condemn everything," said Basler. "Some of what Hellmann says is a catastrophe. But he is looking for the advantage for his club. "

for Basler is clear:" Fürth or Bochum have earned it 100 percent to play in the Bundesliga. But he is ( Hellmann, d. R. ) rather when Schalke, Kaiserslautern and Co. play in the Bundesliga. Fürth brings 100 spectators with, Schalke 3000 or 4000. "

The problem of fantastic four

 The problem of fantastic four mbappé, Neymar, Messi and Di María can not yet meet the expectations. Sport1 analyzes, what it hooks in the PSG game. © Provided by The problem of fantastic four thanks to the Qatar billion, Paris Saint-Germain has built a stick ensemble in recent years, which is pure from the names of its kind in world football. The squad reminds of the early 2000s and the "Galactic" by Real Madrid. In Paris, it's the "fantastic four", which are above all in the limelight.

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Azzouzi demanded more respect for clubs like the francs. "Everyone speeches that football adopt a little far from the base. We are an association that is very cozy, "he said," We try to keep and succeed with a clear philosophy and a good concept. Therefore, a little more respect for us. "

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Schiri Boss ventilates Zwayer Secret .
Around Felix Zwayer, it has become quiet after its controversial decisions in the match between Dortmund and Bavaria. Now the Schiri boss of the DFB explains how it is about the controversial referee. © Provided by Schiri-Boss ventilates Zwayer Secret The Bundesliga referee Felix Zwayer is currently not active. This confirmed Lutz Michael Cheerful, sporty head of DFB referees. "Felix Zwayer has taken on vacation after his last international game.

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