Classics: Detergent: These brands can not convince the Warentest Foundation

Study for vehicle quality: Tesla vehicles cut further badly - Audi disappoints even more

 Study for vehicle quality: Tesla vehicles cut further badly - Audi disappoints even more the US consulting company J.D. Power has introduced its new quality studies for new cars. For Tesla, the evaluation fell slightly better after a catastrophic debut in the year before. © Provided by Mario Vedder / Getty Images • Initial Quality Study Determines Improvement for Tesla • Audi with more quality defects than the Musk Group • Infotainment systems published as the main problem Every year J.D. Power survey results of the "Initial Quality Study".

without detergent No clean and white laundry. But which means is best suited to get stains from the clothes? Foundation Warentest has tested 24 full washing media and came to a surprising result: expensive is not always better. Read here which detergents in the test best and which have truncated the worst.

Ob flüssig, als Pulver oder in Gelkissen – heutzutage steht eine Vielzahl von Waschmitteln im Supermarktregal. Doch sind Marken-Produkte besser als No-Name-Artikel? Das erfahren Sie hier. © Provided by the house Whether liquid, as powder or in gel cushions - nowadays a variety of detergents in the supermarket regal stands. But are brand products better than No-Name article? You can find out here.

detergents there are many, not all are good. Foundation Warentest has had 24 full washing in the test against each other. Among them are 14 powdering agents, six liquid detergents and four gel cushions, also called pods or caps. The providers include known detergent brands such as Ariel, Persil or frog and cheaper providers such as DM, Aldi and Lidl Householden. At the end of the test came Foundation Warentest to a clear verdict: Powder beats liquid detergent and expensive brands do not automatically wash the laundry.

Report Manufacturer Insolvency - affected are own brands of Aldi, Lidl & Co.

 Report Manufacturer Insolvency - affected are own brands of Aldi, Lidl & Co. Competition on the detergent market recently forced two detergent manufacturers into their knees. What ALDI and LIDL customers now need to consider was researched below. © Provided by Servais Mont / Getty Images Hard Competition on the Market for Detergents According to the "Grocery newspaper", the detergent producer Thurn Germany recently had to sign up for bankruptcy.

detergent in the test: These are the test winner

to the test criteria of foundation Warentest belonged in addition to the washing effect, how much the detergents protect the textiles and how high the environmental impact on the wash is precipitated. Of the 24 full washing agents in the test, eleven detergents received the note "good", the rest of the note "satisfactory" or even the grade "sufficient". It is striking: all detergents that have received a good note are powders. And the best detergents against stains and for white laundry are also the cheapest.

Here are the best five detergents from the test with the note "good":

ALDI washing powder Tandil Ultra PlusDM Denk with full washing medium Powder penny ShetLan fully detergent Supercompaktrossmann Domol Full WasheridL Formil Ultra Plus

The loser detergent of the test with the touch "sufficient":

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According to Foundation Warent test, these detergents in the test during washing a rather lack of washing effect and textile conservation and remove stains on the laundry only insufficient.

Removing Detergent from Powder Patches Best

If you want as clean white laundry as possible, recommends Foundation Warentest especially full washing medium of powder. In addition, in addition to powerful enzymes against stains, bleaches are often. In the liquid detergent and in gel cushions, bleaches can not be integrated stable enough, which is why they have to do without. However,

full washing medium from powders have the disadvantage that they can brighten and fade colorful laundry during washing. With a liquid detergent or gel cushion, this danger is not. That's why a liquid color washer is recommended for washing color laundry.

Warentest criticizes Dosage instructions for detergent

As a criticism, Foundation Warentest sees the missing or poorly readable dosage instructions at almost all detergents in the test. Although at least in the well-cut detergents, the proposed dosage amount is satisfactory, but it should be even better and easier to read.

The correct dosage of detergents is very important in terms of environmentally friendly and sustainable use. In addition, the right dosage protects both your washing machine as well as your purse.

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