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Classics: Fake fitting: Wes Anderson

model Frankfurt Cuisine: Here is a design icon freshly interpret

 model Frankfurt Cuisine: Here is a design icon freshly interpret Kitchen Character © Wolfgang Stahr What makes this kitchen special? An Frankfurt Kitchen in Berlin - sounds unusual at first, but fits in this case perfectly. Because the design concept that follows the principles of the architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky is based on the construction of a classic dining car.

Michel & Michel Film Gaffes and Errors Falls in Wes Anderson's cinema, "Bottle Rocket" to "Grand Budapest Hotel".

Faux Raccord : les gaffes et erreurs des films de Wes Anderson © Allociné Fake fitting: Fabrics and errors of the movies of Wes Anderson

Charged characters, symmetrical planes, a retro palette, lateral travelers ... The cinema of Wes Anderson is unique and recognizable in the foreground . And each filmmaker is an event, like the French Dispatch released in our rooms after its passage through the Cannes Film Festival last July.

This week, Michel & Michel analyze the work of the director to see if his perfectionism and his mastery of the frame are flawless. The errors, gaffes and false connectors of TENENBAUM, Steve Zissou or Gustave H are to be found in the video above. And it's heavy, very very heavy!

Temporary tattoos as a trend: Is it art or is it again? .
In just one second for temporary desire tattoo - the promise of the Korean Startup Prinker. For your new product, the Koreans: inside with an innovation award of CES awarded. © Shutterstock / Dean Drobot If but could so easily wash away all the sins only. spelling errors in tattoos or nasty youthful indiscretions could be a thing of the past with the temporary tattoos of Prinker soon. The tattoos are waterproof and are hold up to three days .

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