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Classics: Why Clarence Seedorf can be a role model for Joshua Kimmich

979. International Land: Peatest against Liechtenstein

 979. International Land: Peatest against Liechtenstein The German football national team denies on Thursday (20.45 pm / RTL) against hosts Liechtenstein in the Kybunpark in the Swiss St. Gallen their 979th international match. © Tom Weller / DPA gives his debut against football dwarf Liechtenstein as national coach: Hansi Flick. Statistics : In the balance sheet 566 victories, 201 are draw and 211 defeats. World Cup Qualification : It is the 98th game of DFB selection in a World Cup excretion. 76 Siegen are only three defeats.

Dusseldorf. For some footballers, the horizon does not listen behind the goal line. The Dutch Clarence Seedorf is one of them. He now receives a prize and could even serve Bayern Profi Joshua Kimmich as a role model.

 Joshua Kimmich. © Marius Becker Joshua Kimmich.

Clarence Seedorf (45) spoke a remarkable word to Sunday this week. Before the award with the Walther Bensemann Prize, with which the German Academy for Football Culture Personalities honors "special for soccer in the sense of international understanding," said the former Dutch national player in the "Kicker": "Either do you build yours Skills in life and social behavior or you just kick against the ball, gates goals, who presupply, defenses and talk about what happens on the field. Where consciousness is missing, we can not expect anything from the world. "

2022 Tesla Model S Plaid Review: A New 1,020-HP Chapter in American Luxury

  2022 Tesla Model S Plaid Review: A New 1,020-HP Chapter in American Luxury 2022 Tesla Model S Plaid Review: A New 1,020-HP Chapter in American LuxuryIt doesn't matter if you're not a fan of electric cars. Heck, it doesn't even matter if you're not a fan of Elon Musk, or a yoke-style steering wheel, or a shifter that's strictly digital. The Model S Plaid is spacious, serenely comfortable, and requires very little effort to drive. In this sense, it achieves the three main pillars of what defines traditional American luxury.

, colleagues and former colleagues in the glittering business are likely to be printed in the living room or in the cabin. It does not hurt, if someone who passes through his sporty talent to money and look, feels a little bit of social responsibility.

Seedorf does not leave it with pleasure, though he was not only enthusiastic about acting times. Like everyone whose horizon does not end behind the goalie and do not make a secret of it, he was always a bit exhausting. Despite his nearly 90 internationals, the midfielder from Surinam never experienced the recognition in his homeland, which state him. Four Champions League titles with three different clubs (two with the AC Milan, one with Real Madrid and Ajax Amsterdam), underline his sporty size.

The 2-row Jeep Grand Cherokee will debut on Sept. 29

  The 2-row Jeep Grand Cherokee will debut on Sept. 29 The smaller Grand Cherokee lineup will include a 4xe plug-in hybrid model.In addition to an official statement, Jeep published a teaser video on its Instagram account, giving us a brief look at the two-row Grand Cherokee's slightly different front end (even though we've already seen the whole thing). The video also flashes back to the original ZJ Grand Cherokee's debut at the 1992 Detroit Auto Show, when Jeep drove its then-new SUV up the steps of Detroit's Cobo Hall and smashed through one of the convention center's windows. You'll definitely want to watch the full thing in all its glory.

popularity is a social order. It consists against racism, founded early the foundation "Champion for Children" and gives his voice organizations that occur for sustainability, climate protection and the rights of the indigenous population in the Amazon. He knows that his prominence is a means of emphasizing justified concerns. This is not just a wise insight, but it also leads to an exemplary attitude.

Which we would be at Joshua Kimmich. The international of Bayern Munich has underlined its exemplary attitude at the beginning of the Corona Pandemic by founding the action "We Kick Corona". Together with the colleague Leon Goretzka, he put significant start-up amounts into the initiative that made a lot in the fight against the pandemic - also because they did not produce a publicly underestimated public.

But then the otherwise so smart man was irritated with the Einser-Abitur the land as he became known in the 20th Corona month not yet to be vaccinated. He would have to know who he plays in the cards. And he turned almost to his own initiative. Celebrities are not just the good cause.

Hertz Orders 100,000 Teslas for Its Rental Fleet

  Hertz Orders 100,000 Teslas for Its Rental Fleet Hertz is buying 100,000 Teslas for its rental fleet, with the first vehicles due next month. Here's why this is a big deal for the auto industry. Tesla will supply Hertz with 100,000 cars before the end of 2022, in the single largest EV order for a rental giant, in what the company called an "initial order."Tesla's stock market value rose above $1 trillion for the first time on news of the massive order, one expected to be fulfilled with the help of Berlin and Austin factories.

You will be heard - far more than clever sets of sly humans who may not just be so good against the ball. That too has recognized Seedorf. Maybe there is a lousing person with the Bavaria or in the national team who explains it Kimmich.

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