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Classics: So the Formula 1 wants the sprinklets Pimp

exit! Mercedes-Hammer officially

 exit! Mercedes-Hammer officially Mercedes gives his departure from the formula E known. Thus the series loses the third major German manufacturers within a few years. © Contributed by exit! Mercedes-Hammer officially Just three days after winning the World Championship in Formula E, Mercedes announced his departure from the electric racing series. (all Formula E) The factory team runs after the season 2022 back as it said in a statement.

The Formula 1 is thinking about how to make the sport even more attractive for the fans. One factor should continue to remain sprinking races that are more attractive in a new mode.

So will die Formel 1 die Sprintrennen pimpen © Provided by So the formula 1 wants the sprinklets Pimpen

more races, more points, more action: The sprinklets should increase the formula 1 further as an invigorating element in the future.

It was the innovation to the current season, the introduction of sprinklets. Even before the last test run of the new mode in Brazil, it is now on the fact that the attempt was successful and in the future should give even more short races. (News: All current information on Formula 1)

Günther and then guests at AVD Magazine

 Günther and then guests at AVD Magazine Sport1 completes the motorsport weekend as usual with the AVD Motor & Sport Magazine. Among other things, Maximilian Günther and Christian Danner are a guest. © Provided by Günther and then guest in the AVD Magazine in Formula 1 goes the thrilling title duel into the next round. At the Grand Prix of Italy in Monza (Sunday from 3 pm in the LiveTicker) , Max is now stapping again the hunted, which wants to defend his tight guidance against pursuer Lewis Hamilton.

The mode should be adjusted again. Currently there is only for the three best places in the sprinklets points. The first gets three points, the second two and the third one point.

Everything about Formula 1 and Motorsport Weekend in the AVD Motor & Sport Magazine on Sunday from 21.45 pm live on TV and stream on Sport1

Brawn wants to increase points for sprint races

This scheme could be changed to the new season but to the race over the short distance to give even more meaning.

"We have suggested that there should be about one third of the points as in the normal race," said Formula 1 sports chief Ross Brawn. Concretely, that would probably mean that the winner could potentially get eight to ten points, while the entire top ten could still collect counters. (Data: The drivers 1)

Because of Mick: Ex-pilot with urgent appeal

 Because of Mick: Ex-pilot with urgent appeal Marc Surer rates Mick Schumacher's start into the Formula 1 career very positively - and urgently advises a change. © Provided by because of Mick: Ex-pilot with urgent appeal 14 Formula 1 race has already been behind Mick Schumacher. (News: All current information on Formula 1) still lacks the first World Cup point. But the experts agree: the son of record-world champion Michael Schumacher has made his cause very well so far.

by the new point distribution should the sprint race be upgraded again. "That's enough to fight for it and goes down far enough, so that people on the back places also want to fight." Nevertheless, the score is not so high that they would have extreme influence on the World Cup.

In addition, the name is set to the test. To distinguish the sprint from the actual World Cup run, the word "race" should definitely be repaid. However, Brawn did not make a concrete proposal.

The number of sprints 2022 said the 66-year-old, "We agreed with the teams that we strive for six events next year. But still there is some things to do. "The venues are not fixed yet, but interest is apparently at all locations.

DEVELOPMENT The F1 is intended to increase step by step

is important to formula 1, just the additional races for the audience to make more attractive and also to convince the fans completely from the concept. (Data: The racing calendar of Formula 1)

Alfa Romeo: But still a chance for Oscar Piastri?

 Alfa Romeo: But still a chance for Oscar Piastri? © Motorsport Images Fred Vasseur has not yet decided for 2022 with Valtteri Bottas Alfa Romeo has set itself on an experienced pilot for the Formula 1 season 2022. The place next to the Finn is still vacant. The team could hold on to Antonio Giovinazzi, who has been traveling for Alfa Romeo since 2019, or undertake a young talent, for example from the Formula 2.

This is not 100 percent failed in the current form. But the concept should not be "radical" but "gradually" improved in the future.

First, you want to wait, as the vehicle generation that is introduced in the coming year changed the racing. Only then can it be decided whether there will be big changes in the racing calendar or a new point distribution.

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Armstrong leaves: 2022 No Ferrari juniors in the formula 2 .
© Motorsport Images Marcus Armstrong at the Formula 2 race in Monza 2021 At the beginning of the training year 2022 there are some in the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) personnel changes. As the Italian Formula 1 team announced on Tuesday (January 11), Marcus Armstrong is now no longer a member of the Journal Program of Ferrari. of the New Zealand was Ferrari-Junior since 2017 and went to the start in the past two years in Formula 2.

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