Classics: Auction in New York, the Macklowe Art Collection on the Route of a Record

1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal Is A Rare Sight

  1972 Alfa Romeo Montreal Is A Rare Sight Rarely seen in the United States, this rare classic Alfa Romeo Montreal can be yours. Marcello Gandini with the Carrozzeria Bertone introduced the Alfa Romeo Montreal to the public in 1967 at the Expo 67 World’s Fair in Montreal, Canada. The public gave the model a great reception and so the automaker made it a production model. Once it did go into production, only 3,925 were made, and of those, only 100 made it to North America. Examples like this model are extremely rare to find in the U.S.

Une peinture noire de Jackson Pollock, © Courtesy of Sotheby's A black paint of Jackson Pollock, "Number 17, 1951", sold $ 61.1 million, has Battled the auction record for the American artist died in 1956.

Consequence of their divorce, the sale of a part of the collection of modern and contemporary art of the Richissime New York couple Macklowe totaled $ 676 million in A memorable auction evening Monday night at Sotheby's.

Warhol, Rothko, Giacometti, Picasso ... In a little over two hours, the 35 paintings and sculptures have all been sold.

In total, they reported $ 676 million, the highest amount of all history in one night at Sotheby's. A second part of the Macklowe collection still needs to be sold in the spring of 2022, which could allow it to exceed the Record of Peggy Collections and David Rockefeller ($ 835 million in 2018 at Christie's).

Frida Kahlo: Sotheby's hopes for an auction with the sale of a self-portrait in November

 Frida Kahlo: Sotheby's hopes for an auction with the sale of a self-portrait in November Sotheby's hopes to exceed $ 30 million with a self-portrait of the legendary Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, where his husband Diego Rivera appears, during November auctions in New York. © Provided by FranceInfo Currently, it is a work of Diego Rivera, with which Frida Kahlo experienced a tumultuous love story, which holds the record of the most important auction for a Latin American work. In May 2018, the Christie's house had sold, already in New York, for $ 9.76 million, Los Rivales, a picture o

Sign of the appetite of buyers, four works exceeded $ 50 million. A performance greeted by the applause of the public, back after several virtual seasons to drink champagne and attend the sale, seventh floor of Sotheby's headquarters in New York.

"This is a great tribute from the market for a collection that has been built with ruthlessness," commented on an expert in art present, Erica Samuels.

But if one could again participate physically at the auction, it is from Asia, by telephone, that the most important lots have been purchased. Like the "n ° 7" painting of the American Marc Rothko (1903-1970), representing three broad and deep color bands, the most expensive of the evening ($ 82.4 million), or "the nose" d Alberto Giacometti (1901-1966), an impressive hanging bronze ($ 78.3 million).

Classic Ford GTHO Phase III Falcon Sells For $1.3 Million

  Classic Ford GTHO Phase III Falcon Sells For $1.3 Million The iconic Australian car keeps going up in value! A Yellow Glo Ford GTHO Phase III Falcon went under the hammer over the weekend, and fetched an astonishing price of $1.3 million in auction. This places the Ford Falcon car as the most expensive Australian classic sold at auction that you can actually register to drive on the road. It might be a big sale for the market, while not that uncommon in the United States, but not everyone is surprised by the sale.

a black paint of Jackson Pollock, "Number 17, 1951", sold $ 61.1 million, broke the record for the American artist died in 1956, while a monumental work of the abstract painter Cy Twombly Representative of red swirls, is party for $ 58.8 million.

- Houleux Divorce -

A New York, the sale of two canvases of the Master of Pop-Art Andy Warhol was also expected: his cebrissime "Nine MaryLins" (1962), series of faces of the American star Marylin Monroe, in black and White, was sold for $ 47.3 million, while a "Sixteen Jackies" found takers for $ 33.8 million. This table, consisting of sixteen faces from Kennedy Jackie on a blue background, was estimated at $ 15-20 million by Sotheby's, a price widely exceeded by auction that climbed millions in millions.

This auction is the consequence of the divorce delivered in 2018 between the Harry Macklowe Real Estate Promoter and his wife Linda Burg, honorary director of Met Museum, who formed a richissime couple having amassed an impressive collection of works of art for their residences , in New York and in the Hamptons.

1965 K-Code Mustang Looking For A New Stable To Call Home

  1965 K-Code Mustang Looking For A New Stable To Call Home This incredible ‘65 ‘Stang is an incredibly rare example of one of Ford’s coolest production models. 1965 was an excellent year for the Mustang, production had started the year before, and since then, America has been craving even more Mustangs. Having sold over 500,000 'Stangs during the 1965 production year, Ford had done something very suitable for the great car we all know and love today. Despite the incredible production numbers from the first generations of the Mustang, the number of these cars still on the road is dwindling, as with any classic car.

After a mediated and stormy separation - Harry Macklowe had shown his face and that of his new wife, Patricia Landeau, on the facade of one of his buildings in New York in 2019 - justice had imposed the sale of the Collection, the former couple failing to agree on the value of the works. At the beginning of the sale, Sotheby's confirmed that it had brought its guarantee to all the lots sold.

The evening also saw Picasso, Jeff Koons, Robert Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns or Sigmar Polke.

Sotheby's and Christie's Auction Homes posted their optimism for this fall season, ensuring sufficient supply to satisfy the demand, remained high despite the health crisis.

Thus, last week, Christie's has elapsed all the lots of the Collection of Industrial Téxan dead in 2020 Ed Cox, including the biggest names of the Impressionists, including a Table of Gustave Caillebotte who sprayed the record of the French painter, at $ 53 million.

GAA Classic Cars Auction Reports 91-Percent Sell-Through Rate .
The GAA July auction has just wrapped up, and the results continue to blow us away! There has been a lot of talk surrounding the now famous GAA Classic Cars vehicle auction house, their precedence for excellence and high yields for beautiful cars has allowed them to boost to the top of the automotive auction industry in a relatively short amount of time. Years of exponential growth thus far have just afforded them a record-breaking performance at their last two spring auctions, and they have just reported an impressive 91-percent sell-through rate - up even more from last year's July auction.

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