Classics: Metro tiles, plans, turnstile: For the first time the RATP puts its auction furniture

'Mad Max: Fury Road' Vehicles Blasting Their Way to Auction

  'Mad Max: Fury Road' Vehicles Blasting Their Way to Auction The cars from the post-apocalyptic film classic can be yours. The 2015 action movie Mad Max: Fury Road featured some of the most spectacular vehicle stunts ever filmed, and now you can buy some of the cars that were put through their paces in the desert to get those shots.A total of 13 vehicles from the set will be up for sale, including the famous War Rig tanker truck and plenty of convoy vehicles.Bidders will have just two days, September 25 and 26, to make their secret bids, and they won't know what other people are offering in this tender.

Mobiliers de la RATP © RATP RATP Furniture The RATP gives auction online 215 pieces of its furniture this Friday. Recipes will be donated to the social compendium, an antenna that offers homeless assistance installed on the network.

Notice to Lovers of the Paris Metro: This Friday, November 26 until December 3, the RATP organizes an online auction of certain pieces of its furniture heritage. A total of 215 lots are offered at prices starting at 20 euros but can climb up to 1,000 euros.

We will find the famous seats "A Kiko" appeared in the 2000s, in the circular and pierced form in its center which evoke a smile, "very easy to interviews, solid, resistant to burns, stripes and graffiti", Can we read on the company's website. The many candles of white tiles will surely make the joy of those who want to redo the credencing of their cuisine or their bathroom in style, very fashionable with the decorators, "Metro de Paris". 0 more bulky: metro rake door pairs dating from the 50s, a metro facade of the 1960s embedded by the old Red and blue logo of the estimated RATP between 1,500 and 2,000 euros. 2 True snuffs can even overspray to afford one of the old lubber tourniquets. The latter have been replaced by a system that meets new regulations. Starting prices: 400 euros. 0 © Provided by Challenge Finally, for the nostalgics of the pre-digital era, the RATP also sells one of the Pili planes that illuminates the selected lines using small bulbs. Attention: it is not supplied with the electrical installation ... No question of brauding Heritage

Original 1963 Shelby Cobra On Auction Boasts Extremely Rare V8 Option

  Original 1963 Shelby Cobra On Auction Boasts Extremely Rare V8 Option This is an early production model as well. 1963 was an incredible year for the American automotive industry, especially for the sports car market. The Corvette had first debuted ten years prior and had used that time to build a reputation for dominating the autocross track. Because of this wise use of time, the Vette' was essentially untouchable. Until the creation of the Shelby Cobra. Designed to destroy the top dog Vettes of the SCCA, the Cobra brought out the best of Shelby's creative engineering.

This is the first time that RATP conducts such an operation and the former governance takes care to specify that it does not blame not his heritage. "

It is only a tiny part of the elements we keep in our sheds, explain to the management of the company. On the contrary, we want to share one end of this common story, with Assets "Reformed" as a result of the renovation of the stations and we take care to always keep some copies ", specifies the RATP which certainly does not wish to arouse the same kind of controversy as that aimed at the Paris town hall, accused of Dilapider The urban heritage on social networks with

2 #SaccageParis. 0 The RATP therefore specifies that "T   Carreaux de métro, plans, tourniquet: pour la première fois la RATP met son mobilier aux enchères or these objects were selected by the maintenance department of spaces and systems of spaces (M2E), accompanied by the identity and heritage service attached to the Communication Department, as well as by Elsa Joly-Malhomme, auctioneer within the Cabinet ADER companies & heritage ". 0 Old RATP material reservations also contains real treasure for rail history enthusiasts. Each year, during the Heritage Days, the RATP thus visits its warehouse near the triage of

Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (Val-de-Marne). A real Alibaba cave, with buses of all times, and the reconstruction of the first metro of 1900 - the RATP is careful to give auction - everything in wood whose Parisians were flying the bulbs. 8 The auction is open on the site of Drouot . The interested parties have a week to bid, until December 3, when the objects will be attributed to the most offering. 6 Revenues will be donated to the social collection of the metro, a network antenna that has been offering assistance to homeless people present on the network since 1994.

GAA Classic Cars Auction Reports 91-Percent Sell-Through Rate .
The GAA July auction has just wrapped up, and the results continue to blow us away! There has been a lot of talk surrounding the now famous GAA Classic Cars vehicle auction house, their precedence for excellence and high yields for beautiful cars has allowed them to boost to the top of the automotive auction industry in a relatively short amount of time. Years of exponential growth thus far have just afforded them a record-breaking performance at their last two spring auctions, and they have just reported an impressive 91-percent sell-through rate - up even more from last year's July auction.

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