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Classics: Negotiations with Hankook: Does DTM change the tire partner again?

van der Linde to Brake test reproach: "Albons Job, do not drive in me"

 van der Linde to Brake test reproach: © Motorsport Images Brake-Test Imagus by Albon: Kelvin Van der Linde wants to know nothing about it It was one of the exciters of the High-voltage title fight embossed Sunday race of the DTM in Assen ( Here's the Race Report ), when AF-Corse Pilot Alex Albon thundered the in the championship in second place ABT Audi pilots Kelvin van der Linde five laps in front of the back. "That was a damn Brake test," the teammate of DTM Leader Liam Lawson screamed, which fought fourth place in the radio.

Which tire mark is the DTM 2022 to start? The teams are still falling in the dark for almost two months after the season finale on the Norisring, which makes the preparations more difficult for the upcoming season.

Motorsport photo © Motorsport Photo

and this has a reason: because according to information by '', the decision is not yet liked if the contract concluded in the end of February 2021 is extended with Michelin. Instead, a return to ex-partner Hankook is also a topic.

Although it came to break between the DTM and the South Korean tire manufacturer at the beginning of the year, Hankook 2021 continued to provide the DTM Trophy frame series.

for DTM guest start? Stefan Bradl tests T3-Lamborghini in Hockenheim

 for DTM guest start? Stefan Bradl tests T3-Lamborghini in Hockenheim © Motorsport Images Stefan Bradl looks a test drive in the T3-Lamborghini counter "If that's the diary giving somehow and maybe I get two, three tests before, I am something of the start, one To move DTM car. You can not imagine that. " That announced Honda's MotoGP test driver Stefan Bradl at the end of March in the 'Ran-Racing Podcast' ( more here ).

Why Hankook comeback for iTR attractive would be

The final race of the DTM season 2021 fell on that not only Hankook engineer Thomas Baltes was on site, but also Hankook sports boss Manfred Sandbichler appeared in the DTM paddock. In fact, there were already negotiations on cooperation in the season 2022 - and it's about a comeback in the DTM.

This is surprising insofar as the contract completed in 2019 would have been valid with Hankook until 2023, but after the Class 1 end and the manufacturer's exit of Audi and BMW came to a resolution prematurely.

For DTM-Boss Gerhard Berger, further collaboration with Hankook would be quite attractive, as the South Korean tire manufacturer, which exists from the season 2022/2023 the formula E, also occurs as a potent sponsor as opposed to Michelin. Every year, one paid several million euros into the ITR budget.

DTM training Norisring: Lawson brings on Fridays Best time, BMW again weak

 DTM training Norisring: Lawson brings on Fridays Best time, BMW again weak © DTM DTM Leader Liam Lawson starts optimally in the title finale on the Norisring preliminary measure on the Norisring for DTM Leader Liam Lawson at the season finale on the Norisring unknown for him: The New Zealand Red Bull Youngster secured the day best of three Mercedes AMG pilots in 49.375 seconds during Friday training in the AF Corse Ferrari in 49,375 seconds. And that in dry conditions and temperatures just at the 17 degrees.

uses Berger Hankook for Michelin negotiations? By contrast,

Michelin relies on the approach to focusing on the quality of the tires - and continues with advertising materials. This ensures the GT3 tires of the French for better lap times. And at least a year ago, the DTM was worth it to be the fastest GT3 series.

A change would also be a challenge for Balance-of-Performance partner AVL, as the collected data from the past DTM season would only be conditionally applicable and one would have to get along with the classification of the Bolids again without much experience.

According to the information of '', the tendency is currently rather towards a continuation of cooperation with Michelin. It can not be ruled out that Berger also uses the talks with Hankook negotiation tactical to agree with Michelin for more favorable conditions.

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Ravaglias BMW team has to bury DTM plans: "Will try again" .
The Italian BMW Team Ceccato Racing of Legend Roberto Ravaglia needs to bury its DTM plans for 2022, but does not exclude commitment in the traditional series in the future . "We were very interested in entering the DTM with a car", revealed Ravaglia, who acts as a team manager at the northern Italian team, talking to ''. © Motorsport Photo "BMW Italy gave us the opportunity to stay in Italy.

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