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Classics: Dream animals: What meaning behind animals in the dream

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often appear in the dream animals? Girlfriend-Expert Brigitte Zwick reveals what's behind the dream animals

Traumtiere: Diese Bedeutung haben sie ISTOCKPHOTO © iStockphoto Dream Animals: This meaning you have iStockphoto

has ever met a mouse in the dream that sent a motorhome distracted through the streets of a city? Or dream of beautifully dressed women who welcome you on graceful horses in an old desert city next to pyramids and sphinxes?

When animals play a role in the dream, these are mostly dogs, horses and cats in our culture. The only dream animal, which seems to play a role in all cultures alike, is the bird.

dream animals can be interpreted differently

imagine how they watch a hunting dog while hunting. Maybe he captured something? In this case, Artemidorus would say that this would reflect their current enterprise.

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followers of C. G. Jung think that the respective animal represents the characteristic of the dreamer with its predominant properties. Others, in turn, interpret the bite of a wild animal as a sign approaching madness, and the fear of an animal is swallowed, is attributable to our birth trauma.

and Freud? For him animals such as snakes, fish but also cats genital symbols. In general, all wild dreams would point to sexual topics, usually incest topics. In any case,

analyzes suggest that the animal figures symbolize in our dreams injectable and scary pulses. those who inherit our personality, but have not yet been accepted. They represent the animal side of our nature, which changes during our development.

When children dream of animals

children dream of animals at least three times as often as adults. With them the animals are big, wild and threatening. Bears, elephants or dragons have their permanent place in their dreams. This seems to change in the course of its development.

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The older You become the lesser you dream of them, and if, then these animals are not so big and wild, but small and domesticated. This could mean, on the one hand, that children are closer to their animal nature and their wildness. Maybe it's also literature and films for children. There, it is teeming from envoys from the wildlife and their assigned determination. Or maybe both?

dream animals in adults

In adults, animal figures occur more often if they return to an earlier development phase of their lives.

Have you ever been attacked by an animal in the dream? Or even bitten? It has been shown that men in these threatening dreams can be able to defend more often. "He behaves like an animal!". The gender of the dreamer has an impact on how to react to animals, but not like the animal behaves. That's why I advise you in the future, maybe even proud to be, if it is said, "she behaves like an animal!", Because it also means that she can put himself against these animals out there!

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