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Classics: industry experts warn of "a bomb": Network operators cancel cheap catering Stromio

Fraud Grant: Charges in Quick Test Scandal

 Fraud Grant: Charges in Quick Test Scandal An operator of test centers should have spent 25 million euros from the state. Health Minister Jens Spahn had approved private operators without controls. That came equal to an invitation to abuse. © Palina Milling Here seems to be a lot: a test tent in Gievenbeck. Parkage in Quick Test Scandal times just set test centers for the Corona virus and just quickly cash away from the state.

High energy prices force apparently also the provider Stromio to its knees. The sister company of balancing group contracts have been canceled - with significant implications for customers.

Auch wenn der Stromdiscounter nicht mehr liefert: Der Strom fließt über den Grundversorger weiter, nur möglicherweise teurer. © dpa Although the current discount is no longer supplying: The current flows through the primary care on, just be more expensive.

The high electricity prices force set another provider to its services. The cheap electricity provider Stromio has been terminated for information Wirtschaftswoche the transmission system operator 50Hertz the balance agreement "extraordinary", "to 21.12., 24:00," as they say in a letter. A spokesman for 50Hertz confirmed the operation. "This is one of the larger balancing groups, which are closed here," he said. Supplying customers with electricity takes place in the context of balancing groups. Agreements govern the relationship between doing the utilities and regionally relevant transmission system operators.

Hertz Orders 100,000 Teslas for Its Rental Fleet

  Hertz Orders 100,000 Teslas for Its Rental Fleet Hertz is buying 100,000 Teslas for its rental fleet, with the first vehicles due next month. Here's why this is a big deal for the auto industry. Tesla will supply Hertz with 100,000 cars before the end of 2022, in the single largest EV order for a rental giant, in what the company called an "initial order."Tesla's stock market value rose above $1 trillion for the first time on news of the massive order, one expected to be fulfilled with the help of Berlin and Austin factories.

often be terminated and the balancing group contracts of the three other German transmission system operators in a comparable process. A spokeswoman for TransnetBW confirmed that TransnetBW Stromio has terminated the contract. In similar cases slipping customers usually in primary care, which means that about regional public utilities have to take them.

Stromio is coupled a sister company of

Power discounter Stromio GmbH as the gas supplier and brand Green world via the universal utility investment to the Dutch Callax group. Stromio serving customers since 2009 with green electricity, delivered gas since 2010. In Germany Stromio is based in Kaarst in North Rhine-Westphalia. has its customers already on December 7, informed that the company has retroactively adjusted its gas supply 4 December. The brand "Green World Energy" was also affected.

Twelve arrests in the course of international investigations against Ransomware network

 Twelve arrests in the course of international investigations against Ransomware network In the course of investigations in Germany and seven other countries, a network has been smashed, the so-called ransomware attacks on companies in dozen countries should have been committed. After two years of investigation, twelve suspects in Ukraine and Switzerland had been arrested in Ukraine this week, the EU Police Department of Europol announced on Friday in The Hague. The investigators have also confiscated around $ 52,000 in cash (44,684 euros) and five luxury vehicles.

to the number of customers of Stromio there are no official figures. However, the customer base is estimated at a magnitude of at least several hundred thousand customers. Therefore, an observer said it was "a bomb" when Stromio now hiring his services. Just discount stores buy their electricity is usually short-term - and are significantly impacted by the excessive prices on the spot markets.

wholesale prices at record levels

Wholesale prices currently know no upper limit. At the current price market Epex spot, the price of a megawatt hour of electricity on Tuesday in the peak load (peak load), available the next day, in the territory of Germany and Luxembourg at times to more than 500 euros. Utilities that have their prices are not secured in the long term, so out in rows in financial difficulties. In recent weeks, several smaller utilities bankruptcy had to file. On Monday announced the Wirtschaftswoche that the current Neckermann AG had to show the district court Norderstedt bankruptcy.

charging columns for E-cars: From 2023 card payment must be offered

 charging columns for E-cars: From 2023 card payment must be offered more and more motorists increase, among other things, the environment has to love electric vehicles. Loading and paying to public charging columns is often complicated. Therefore, the Federal Council approved a changed charging column ordinance. © Provided by Smile Fight / This is currently payable to charging columns If you drive an electric car, you must recharge it at regular intervals.

Stromio not insolvent

But neither still Stromio have previously filed for bankruptcy. Termination by transmission system operator can also be a way to get rid of customers and thus avoid a bankruptcy. On a request from the Business Week on Tuesday afternoon Stromio did not respond at first. On the company's website there is no mention of the development. There still is, "That's something you can rely on:. Safe switching to Stromio - the current dealer you trust"

"For Stromios customers is now more expensive's because they first fall into the spare supply", the consumer activist Matthias Moeschler says consumer help electricity suppliers .com. "You should also consider in the weeks to possible compensation claims." Their count should read to date and inform and make not more more discounts, recommends that the activist.

More about : Energy prices set new records almost daily. Therefore, a bankruptcy procedure for another electricity and gas supplier from Saxony has now been arranged.

VZBV Chief Klaus Müller Proposed as a new President of the Federal Network Agency .
The Chief of the Consumer Center Bundesverband (VZBV), Klaus Müller, has been proposed as a new President of the Federal Network Agency. "I am pleased to propose the Advisory Council as the new President of the Federal Network Agency to the former Minister of State of Schleswig-Holstein and longtime consumer advocates, Klaus Müller, for a choice," said the Chairman of the Advisory Council at the Federal Network Agency, Olaf read (SPD), on Thursday.

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