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Classics: Wafa, the Palestinian news agency, a revival in Hebrew writing

"Great Luck": Newcastle hero describes revival

 When playing Newcastle United against Tottenham Hotspur, a fan suffers a cardiac arrest. A doctor who is randomly nearby reacts immediately. © Provided by "Great Luck": Newcastle Hero describes Revival It was dramatic scenes that played at the game of Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur. Actually, the first game after taking over the Magpies by a Saudi consortium of Kronprinz Mohammed Bin Salman will become a holiday, but an emergency use on the grandstand overshadowed everything.

Un jeune homme palestinien transportant un olivier entre les Territoires palestiniens et Israël, le 8 mars 2021. (Image d'illustration) © AP - Oded Balilty A young Palestinian man carrying an olive tree between the Palestinian Territories and Israel, March 8, 2021. (Image for illustration) Since

years Wafa provides information in Arabic, English, French. Now, it does also in Hebrew. Its objective is clear: to address the Israelis in their language, and make them understand the Palestinian perspective.

From our special envoy permanent RFI Jerusalem

This is not the first time that this information agency launches Hebrew service. A first in Hebrew writing had actually started in 2009, before being closed six years later in 2015, officially for internal reasons.

Thomas Gottschalk celebrates a big nostalgic party

 Thomas Gottschalk celebrates a big nostalgic party Cologne on Saturday. Once still returns "betting that ..?" Back to the screen. For the 40th birthday of the legendary Saturday nightshow, Entertainer Thomas Gottschalk moderates a special edition. Numerous celebrities and crazy bets must not be missing. © Jan Waitas Thomas Gottschalk in the studio. time travel in ZDF: The television audience may feel back for an evening in the golden years of "betting that ..?".

But this time, Wafa aims to impose on the Palestinian-Israeli media scene, said since the agency's headquarters in Ramallah, its editor, Khouloud Assaf. Locked behind the separation wall built by Israel in the early 2000s, the occupied West Bank Palestinians have become almost invisible within Israeli society. Their cause and their claims, are a distant memory for the Israelis. The young Israeli generations know nothing of their struggle. Their struggle, their actions are qualified as terrorist acts by the political class of the Hebrew State, and by most of the Israeli media. ► To listen

also Palestinians, citizens of Israel in search of recognition

A bridge between two worlds

Yet thousands of Palestinians across the occupied West Bank daily checkpoints to visit Israel, to work there. Nearly half a million Israeli settlers live in the Palestinian territories occupied West Bank. But it is as if the two companies were living in two parallel worlds, ignoring almost everything to each other.

setback for Baltic Sea Pipeline: Network Agency sets Certification of North Stream 2 For the time being

 setback for Baltic Sea Pipeline: Network Agency sets Certification of North Stream 2 For the time being The Federal Network Agency has provisionally suspended its method for certification of Nord Stream 2. Commissioning is endangered. © Photo: Nord Stream 2 / dpa Professionals aboard the Listenessschiff "Fortuna" connect in the Baltic Sea over water pipes of the North Stream 2 pipeline. setback for the controversial Baltic Sea Gaspipeline Nord Stream 2 : The Federal Network Agency has provisionally suspended its method for certification of Nord Stream 2.

The Israelis also prohibited from entering Palestinian cities. Several kilometers before entering the Palestinian cities, Israeli authorities have erected huge red signs on which is written in English, Arabic and Hebrew: "strictly forbidden to enter the Authority-controlled territories Palestinian, under penalty of prosecution. "

Counter censorship and rightward Israeli society

's Hebrew service of the Palestinian Wafa agency wants to overcome the main difficulty, "the censorship of the Israeli media" by the command of the state's armed forces Hebrew says the editor of Wafa. "The return of a true service in Hebrew, broadcasting daily in the official language of Israel is to directly influence the Israeli public," said Khouloud Assaf said. According to her, with rare exceptions, the majority of Israeli media broadcast a partial and biased picture of the Palestinian reality.

Yet, major Israeli media journalists who speak Arabic, who read Arabic. But the agency Wafa said he wanted to resume his service in Hebrew to counter it believes a "rightward" of the Israeli press of "increasingly racist." The editor of Wafa agency admits: Israeli society is not completely insensitive to the Palestinian cause. Khouloud Assaf, even remembers receiving a hundred applications from Israeli journalists wishing to work for the agency Wafa between 2009 and 2015. But the new service in Hebrew only has currently 6 journalists. The editor believes that this is a good start.

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At least 10 megabits per second: Network agency proposes lower limit for Internet access in front of .
ten megabits per second in Download: Sometimes internet connections must be at least at least at least in the future. But the consent of the Bundesrat is still missing. © Elenur / DSL router. In the new right to fast internet, the Federal Network Agency goes the next step. The authority published on Wednesday a draft regulation, which sets a minimum level of ten megabits per second in the download.

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