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Classics: »Bets that ..?" Thomas Gottschalk makes with show classic in ZDF Next

"The Perfect Dinner": Martin's strategy buys none from

 Martin wants to convince with menu with motto "province of Provence" Because Martin has learned the craft of no less than Star and TV cooking legend Johann Lafer. "I've participated in the 'Kitchen Battle' five years ago," lectures the motorcycle and pizza fan in front of the VOX camera over his participation in a ZDF competition broadcast. Lafer had been Juror at the time. "Unfortunately I left in the final, which has more suffering than me".

The anniversary broadcast in November saw more than 14 million people. Now the ZDF has decided, even 2022 and 2023 each one issue of »bets, that ..?" To show - with Thomas Gottschalk.

  »Wetten, dass..?«: Thomas Gottschalk macht mit Showklassiker im ZDF weiter © Andreas Rentz / Getty Images

Thomas Gottschalk Makes with »Bets that ..?" Continue. Even in this and next year, there will be an issue of the actually set show, the ZDF shared. Entertainment leader Oliver Heidemann founded this that the resonance was "overwhelming" in November of over 14 million people seen in November 17 million. »Together with Thomas Gottschalk, we have determined the story of betting that ..? Recruit, "said Heidemann. From now on, all the bet ideas are welcome. The next issue should run in the fall, venue and transmission date should be published only in the coming months.

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The Gottschalk Comeback reached a market share of 45.7 percent. At the younger audience, the showmaster was able to score even more. 4.34 million of the 14- to 49-year-olds switched on, this is a market share of 50.2 percent.

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Abba and Helene Fischer at comeback broadcast Even more impressive worked the quotas, if you compare them with the last issue of »bets that ..?" Compared on 13 December 2014 in ZDF

Last: Only 9.3 million people switched on at that time. In fact, Gottschalk exaggerated every single issue, which moderated Markus Lanz from 2012 before the shipment was finally set after falling quotas. with


, Helene Fischer , Joko & Klaas or Heino Ferch Ludden Gottschalk and Co-presenter Michelle Hunziker for the 40th anniversary of the program again a considerable prominent team on their couch. The hall audience received the 71-year-old host with standing ovations and songs. Not quite so fulminant, fell out the television reviews. The first »Bets that ..?" Show was broadcast just over 40 years ago in February 1981. It was moderated by

Frank Elstner

, the inventor of the format. Then Gottschalk took over the moderator role from 1987 to 2011 before finally replaced by Markus Lanz.

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