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Classics: Death at 88 years of Lucienne Moreau, the old granny funny newspaper

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 © Screenshot An incredible talent " TA GUEULE! ": 79 years old, this candidate of incredible talent has remedled Éric Antoine stupor and laughing on the tray of incredible talent Wednesday, November 3rd. While a senior candidate is preparing to start his number, the latter surprised the jury by interpellant without filter Éric Antoine after a spady.

Mort à 88 ans de Lucienne Moreau, l'ancienne mamie drôlissime du Petit Journal © Laurent Benhamou / Sipa Death at 88 years of Lucienne Moreau, the former Grandma Drôlissime of the little newspaper Lucienne Moreau, who had animated a chronicle Satirique memorable in the little newspaper (Canal +), died this Sunday, January 16th to 88 years. His former colleagues and elected officials make him a vibrant tribute.

This is a sad new for fans. The death of Lucienne Moreau at the dawn of his 89, occurred on Sunday, January 16, has just been announced. She had been a known and recognized face of the emission the little newspaper, broadcast on Canal +, where she presented her own chronicle, baptized Lucienne Live Report , consisting of a satire evenings of the jet-set. Parisian. This delirious section, in the tone of the emission of the former presenter of the daily rendezvous, Yann Barthes . She had become the funny granny attended by viewers before joining the Virgin Radio antenna. The truculent actress has also distinguished themselves in a number of advertisements, after being spotted by a fashion agency for seniors. She also turned into three movies, including who killed Bambi? , released in 2003.

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among the personalities who made him a last tribute, the former deputy of Val-d'Oise, Member of the Socialist Party National Council, Philippe Doucet, devoted him a moving message on Twitter late at night.

"It is with immense sadness that I have just learned of the death of Lucienne Moreau. An emblematic silver and national figure, since she had become famous by participating in many television broadcasts" , written in particular. Then specify: "we had received on different occasions, during our 2008-2014 mandate. Residence of Residence Momousseau in Argenteuil, it was actively involved in the cultural and associative life of our city. All my sincere condolences to his Family and loved ones. His smile and good mood will miss a lot to the Argenillais ". Christophe Beaugrand also very touched

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in the wake of the left elected, the animator

Christophe Beaugrand also addressed his most affected thoughts to the deceased. He emphasizes the fact that Lucienne Moreau has "marked the viewers of the small newspaper" before becoming his "game comrade on Virgin Radio". "What we have laughed together! Thank you for any lulu" , "he adds. The Director of Communication Past by Several Groups, Thomas Pawlowski, joins the tributes and written: "Dear Lucienne, you were the muse of our campaigns adopts a guy, I then brought you to Virgin Radio . You were great! You will miss ourselves ".

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